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A newbie's 1st bike dilemma: GPX250 or GT250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bonjoji, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Ok, I still can't find a used 250 that suits my taste, I made my top 2 picks for a brand new 250. A Kwaka GPX250R and a Hyosung GT250. Maybe to make my choice a bit more difficult , I would like to start a poll. If you have to choose between these two, which one will it be? Thanks. :)

  2. IF you like a new GPX250, why not a 2nd hand GPX250 then??
  3. GPX, secondhand. Plenty of well-maintained examples out there. Save your cash for gear, insurance and your next (big) bike.
  4. I vote for a second hand gpx 250- most likely you'll drop it anyway, and the only thing worse then dropping a bike is dropping a new bike.
    You'll be able to sell the second hand one for similar money to purchase price also (as long as the lams laws aren't in by then?!)
  5. Bonjoji - I've sent you a PM. :)
  6. second hand GPX, brand new 250 is a waste of $$$ when you can get one second hand that'll do the same thing and not lose any value :wink:
  7. Definately the GPX, either 2nd hand or new for the simple fact that there's less chance of any nasty surprises with build quality or resale value. Also far greater availability of parts and professional expertise with the GPX.
  8. The Hyosung GT250 is a more modern looking bike but the GPX250 actually has a higher top speed.

    If new then realisitically either will do the job... buy the one that fits you better when you ride it.

    If 2nd Hand (and that's what I'd recommend) then look for a low kms, good condition GPX250 and save yourself 2 or more $k dollars.

    We picked up a 2004 model GPX250 for Jodz with 8000kms for $4000, and I'd expect to get an easy $3000 with 25,000 kms on it even in a couple of years (unless Victoria finally gets LAMS ie).
  9. I just got my 250. I took the advice from the guys here. Was going to go new but they put me off. So I looked around and got a 2004 VTR250. I think its better. I mean, I paid 6,500 and it has reg/warranty until Oct 06 and he had all the receipts with 9k on the clock. It has the datadot too.

    Anyway, it is just as good as a new one and I will hardly lose anything when I sell in a year.

    But the new GPXs are good at 6k. I read a review of the GT250 in a UK mag and they slated it. Gets good reviews here though so who knows.
  10. Well I got the GT250 and I love it

    Looked at the GPX was too small for me, I am 6'2" and found being hunched over was going to be a problem. The upright position of the GT to me seems better in traffic but then I am using it as a commuter.

    The only other bike that I liked was a VTR250 could not find one at decent price second hand and $8k+ was too much to spend on my first bike.

    New for me, as this is now my only form of transport and just felt more comfortable with something I knew would get serviced and had not been thrashed.

    Insurance was a lot less for the GT250.

    Having said that a new GPX250 at $6500 on road is pretty good value. Either way both great bikes but different styles, top speed pfffff not an issue if you want to keep your license :grin:
  11. Before you buy have a think about the Korean automotive market. It's been on the international scene for about 15 years now and there has only been one decent car released in that entire time. The Hyundai Coupe FX.
    Apply this ratio to Hyosung and you can see why I'm VERY skeptical of their bikes.
    Buy Jap, they're tried, tested and proven.
  12. :p :p :p this has to be a joke!!!
    The coupe fx is a turd!!! (imho)
  13. Hi Monkey, people have tried that argument on me and what you dtermine as a decent car is totally subjective, there is no way in the world I would by a Coupe FX but, I have purchased a KIA Carnival which I had for 3 years and it was great for carting the kids to basketball and even drove it twice to QLD.

    It all depends on what your needs are so don't buy/ride something because some one else does. Buy what is going to suit YOUR needs.

    I am guessing that you like the Coupe because it looked cool, drove well and was good value for money. :p

    Well in my experience you could apply that criteria to all of the current Hyosung bikes. Each of them is aimed at a very specific market unlike the early Korean cars which were built to be as cheap as possible.

    But yes the GPX250 has been around for I think over a decade so it is proven as well as old. :p
  14. follow your heart ......................................

    go the GT250 ;)
  15. Fishy said it all