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A Newbie- Well sort of... I think I need Therapy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by wannaride, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Hi There - Story goes like this....met a guy...right into bikes....watched Motogp every sunday learnt all about Rossi, Stoner etc...went for some awesome rides on the back of his bike....Fell in Love...not with him ,,,,,the bike! Pissed right off that he went to PI and I watched at home .....Now he is gone and I am so missing the bike ....I found myself here looking, dreaming .......anyway gunna use the site as therapy for a while

    So dont panic if ya see me lurking around, and I promise not to drool too much

  2. Best therapy is to get a licence/bike and do it all when you want and how you want - then you can have other folk looking and dreaming! Welcome to the forums :)
  3. Firstly welcome to the forums.
    Secondly the only therapy for this "addiction" is to get yourself licenced and a bike. Go on you know you really want to. :grin: :grin:
  4. hello and welcome!
  5. Ditto to these other patients; we're all here for therapy, and the only cure is to ride :grin:
  6. Welcome to the forum wannaride.

    Your next step is to get your licence and a bike. Then you can go for a ride whenever you feel like it.
  7. Welcome! :)

    Where are you located in Aus? I'm sure there's plenty of people here willing to pillion you if you ask.

    I have to agree with everyone else, though. You've been bitten by the bug. Save your pennies or get a loan. Get a bike, gear and your licence (not necessarily in that order) and get out there.

    My dad and a good friend of his got me hooked on bikes at a very young age (I think I had my first pillion at the age of 3, across the back yard with dad) and getting my licence was just awesome. I look back at it only because I could have done it sooner!
  8. You don't need therapy wannaride cos there is a cure, but only one known to mankind:

    You get licenced, buy all your gear and get a bike.
  9. Welcome - Just do it.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes,,,,, I am on the border of NSW and Vic

    Yes I am addicted and if the only cure is to learn and buy my own then maybe thats what I should do! Are you ever to old to learn?
  11. Therapy!!!!....... but i don't wanna be cured!!!

    No never too old to learn. I'm just learning and i also know of people who started to ride at 50+.

    so get a bike and come join the madness!!
  12. So what you gona do about it mate?
  13. Nah I started when I was 39 :shock:

    Love every second of it, g'day and if you have the itch then scratching it is the only cure. :grin:
  14. Or maybe I could just open my house to netriders as a place to stay overnight, on the proviso I get a ride????
    been reading the forums you guys obviously know how to party !
  15. You know you want one. Just do it! Welcome :)
  16. Do it wannaride.

    Never too old. Don't leave it any longer though, cos once you get on that bike you're going to be hitting yourself that you didn't do it sooner! Hence my decision to finally pull my finger out. :)
  17. a 70 year old lady went for her Ls and passed on a scooter about a month before i went for my Ls. the instructer thought it was great. so im guessing your never too old to learn.
  18. You can either get a new bf with a bike....I know a number are single on here... but I wouldn't recommend any :grin:

    Or, you can get a licence and bike of your own!

    I'd go option B!
  19. Ok now A sounds like an interesting option but
    B sounds awesome...

    Give me some hints - first bike etc any help appreciated.

    Think I am gunna just have to start scratching this itch!

    WOOHOO I am gunna do it!
  20. you need to get to a coffee night!!

    as for which bike.... the one that suits you.

    do you like cruisers?? Sports bikes?? Naked bikes???