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A newbie from Melbourne !

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tequu !, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Hi guys. I am a international student in Melbourne.And this is my 3rd week in here.I just bought a '99 model hornet 600 last saturday.Before this, i had a XT660 when i was in Turkey.
    I will try to join meetings or events when i learn Melbourne roads :)
    Sorry about my english it's not pretty good.
    Thank you

  2. your england aint bad but u will need to learn the fair dinkum aussie lingo, welcome bud
  3. Thanks mate. You're right.Aussie language is like a different world :rolleyes:
    İt's really hard to understand :-s
  4. Hoş geldiniz Tequu :)
  5. Hi
    welcome to our country and the forum ;)
  6. Sağolasın dostum :]
    Thanks mate :]
  7. welcome mate.

    Nice whoolie, Go the big singles ;)
  8. Hi and welcome to NR.

  9. i just translated Hoş geldiniz in babylon and it says..

    Hoş geldiniz = You came nicely

    geez mate, u only just met him :grin:
  10. yeah but we are a freindly bunch here so I wanted to give him a welcome to remember
  11. actually "hoşgeldiniz" means in Turkish just "welcome" :]
    are you a Turkish or did you translate it babylon too ? :)
  12. Thanks mate. Can you explain me what is "Go the big singles" means :p
  13. no mate im not turkish, but my fiancee is so I know a few words (her family is originally from Balikesir but now live in melbourne). I can only speak and read a handful of words but can usually pick up what is being said if someone is speaking turkish. I spent a month travelling around turkey late last year, its a fantastic country to travel too.
    hope you enjoy your stay in melbourne, and again welcome to Netrider.
  14. large engined single cylinder motorcycles.

    I had a suzuki DR800/750 talk about fun :D

    but i couldn't do as good a wheelies as that
  15. Cool :] I've a friend in my class who from Balıkesir too :] Also you are right.There is alot of things to see in Turkey. Turkey is a great place to visit but not for living :) I loved Melbourne.. I want to stay for a long time here if i can.. Maybe , forever :p
    yeah mate.Xt was always important for me.You can't find a better bike in this class.Impressive torque,amazing exhaust sound..It was really fun.But unfortunately, there is not many XT here.. I saw just a few XT with curier friends..
    also dr800 is a nice bike..A desert tiger :) But i think its a little bit heavy.That's why you couldn't do good wheelies :]