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A new year, a new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Four40, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Today I picked up my new ride. 2009 Suzuki GSX650F lams edition. What a step up from my KLE 500. I suppose I should do a quick recap to how I came to being in the position to need a new bike so soon.

    Last Thursday I had just picked up two new tyres and front pads for my KLE. Spent an hour or so scrubbing in the tyres and bedding in the brakes on Mt Mac or Brindabella road. Had a short stop at the Cotter and started off on the Cotter run towards home. It was a hot dry day and the roads were clear. Well most of it was. Coming up to the first 45k posted section of twisties when all of a sudden, I am confronted with a 4WD on the wrong side of the road. The fool was coming right at me. I stood the bike up and braked. Unfortunatly not hard enough. Ran out of road, hit some gravel and then I was airbourne. Down into a ditch I go, still sitting on the bike. Took out a decent sized treeling and at the end of my off road adventure, fell off onto my left.

    Injuries were minimal, blood nose and cut where my sunnies have been pushed into my face. Cracked my visor and damaged the locking mechanism to my N102. Bike was written off, bend forks, damaged rim, cracked fairing and console, shattered the screen and broke the globe in my rear left hand side indicator. Lots of scratches and dush everywhere.

    Managed to get the bike on it's stand and bugger me, it started up. Took me four attempts to get someone to stop and help me get the bike out of the ditch. Called my brother who has a ute and loaded up the poor little kwaka.

    So early this week I get a call from the smash repairs people, the assessor said it was a write off and took the bike. I was lucky enough to get my new airhawk seat off the bike, but they didn't remove the rack.

    I am lucky enough to have enough funds to buy another bike straight up and after riding my brothers GSX for the last week, bought my own. Here's a few snap shots of the bike.

    For a learner, this bike is perhaps a bit of a handful. Being fuel injected, the throttle is very sensitive and even a small twist will see you on the way to the wrong side of the posted limits.

    Four cylinders do sound nice when idling. It's a pity about the monster muffler that comes standard with the bike. The only differences between a full powered GSX and the LAMS edition is the reconfigured ECU and the colour. The full powered bike in blue and white is a darker tone than the LAMS one.

    The power is something I've not experienced since my Vulcan 1600 I had for a loaner bike. Around town, I rarely get into 6th. Hell, even 4th gear does for most situations and it gets to speed so smoothly. I plan to get some hard luggage fitted and a touring screen. Perhaps some bark busters, as the KLE hand guards did a great job through winter and deflect wind and rain.

    I love the display, analogue tacho and digital speedo with three trip meters and it has a fuel guage. My brothers bike, which is just over 1200kms old or almost three weeks, has been getting 260k before the first warning light flashes. I didn't have the book, so I filled up when it the fuel icon flashed. After reading the manual for mine, all the flashing means is that I have 5.5L of fuel left. Being a 19L tank, I'm guessing that I can get close to 400k's before filling up. Gear indicator and shift light are also displayed.

    Being a more sport orientated bike that my last, the seating position is pretty damn good. The fuel tank doesn't appear to be as wide as some of the full on sports bikes can be and the pegs are set up pretty well. All shifters can be individually adjusted. One thing that I was surprised with are the mirrors. The provide excellent vision and are pretty stable at speed.

    Braking comes courtesey of duel discs on the front and single disc on the back. I don't know why, but it makes me feel a lot safer having the dual discs on the front.

    Now to see how long it takes for me to get to 1000k :grin: :grin:
  2. and the 4wd didnt even stop, what a wank, well done on new bike anyway
  3. Congats four40.
    It just over 12 months I've had mine is its just gets better . :cool:

    I read a review on the LAMS 650F in AMCN and its just as good as the full power 650f till 7000+rpm and to tell you the truth ,I only hit 7000+rpm when chasing the guys at 140km+ on the 3 day rides out in the country.

    It might be LAMS ,but its a great bike.
  4. But, Brett, WHY is is is darned HEAVY for a 650? I mean, 216kgs dry weight; have they got lead in the frame or something???

    Not to rain on your parade, Four40, of course; enjoy the very different feel :).
  5. commiserations on the off,
    congratulations on the new bike, i like the blue colour similar to my own bike, and evil thoughts about the ^&*%@ in the 4wd on the wrong side of the road and not stopping
  6. #6 Sleddog, Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Horret my old friend ,its a buget blaster ,its weight "in figures" is only a concern to the people that have never ridden it.

    The weight is a factor of the price ,the cheaper material ,steel frame, to make the bike cheaper on the show room floor $10,000 ride away.., and avalibile to the bloke next door.... Not the kid that gets $2000 a week for working IT . :wink:

    Read the "bike magazine reviews" I'll send you about 50 if you like ,the weight is not even a second or first tought ,it's the """no offence""" internet ..never seen one or sat on one ..or even riden one .... people that are concerned about it.

    Forget the weight ,ride mine up and down Mac pass ,next time {side note ...im on holidays for 2 weeks from to day :grin: } we are at the pie shop.

    Here just take a little look see at this Award video ,from arguabley the best Bike magazine in the world?.

    For people that don't want the see the video ,it was named Sports tourer of the year.

    And Four40s bike ,is 90% the same ,it just has trouble going faster over 140+kpm ,but will get there just as quick as the full power 650f .
    Which buy the way hits 250kph ,enough to give you a buzz.

    Hornet I've seen you comment before on your hornets weight 175kg {think that was right? }and the 650f weight ,the "new" hornet is like $2000+ more and a not much chop from the reivews.
    No offence to hornet owners . :oops:
  7. And if your riding consists only of riding up and down Mac pass it might be just great. Unfortunately the weight does come into play around town and the parking lot... Which is not to slam this bike - I really like it in fact and I'm still considering it as my next option because it is a great choice for a budget sports-tourer. But there might be more suitable options for city commuters - the current Hornet is probably one of them. (I say probably, because I haven't actually ridden one yet)
  8. Actually, the weight is not really that bad. I've sat on a 08 Busa and struggled to get it upright off the stand. The GSX is almost a feather weight in comparison.

    The only thing that the extra weight does is to give me more insentive not to take it off road :shock: :grin: I love how bikes bring out the big kid in me :wink:
  9. Hi RT.

    I've said it before if you want to zip in and around the city ALOT of your time ,I would go a Kawi ER6F.
    Its the only thing that lets this bike down IMHO ,is its ZIPability cuting in and around the traffic like a bike courier.