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A new webseries. First Ep, Paul, 1940 harley named "Cajones"

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AWIP, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. A new webseries. First Ep, Paul, 1940 harley named "CoJones"

    A Friend and I have embarked upon a new project. A web series called "A Work in Progress." Aimed at telling the story of creatives and craftsmen who are always looking to perfect their skills and go the extra mile for their passion. Whether it's a modern trade or a dying art it shows how these people are willing to do anything to continually outdo themselves project after project.

    The first episode features Paul Mckinnon, owner of Evolution Custom Industries in Sydney's Northern Beaches. He build's some amazing bikes and cars and also had a very successful go kart racing career.


    Let me know what you think, there will be more to come early next year.
  2. Thats pretty good, just dont go starting spamming things for sale or your business's and this should be ok
  3. Thanks man.

    No worries, just wanted to share with everyone. We aren't making any money off this project. We just want to share awesome stories with anyone and everyone.
  4. all good, we are pretty sensetive to spamming around here :)
  5. Those roads your riding on, That Mcarrs Creek?
  6. Close by actually. Morgan road in oxford falls and another road up near kimbriki tip.
  7. I like spam

    its a good feed at lunch on the building sites

  8. Good stuff. Make sure you pop back and keep us updated when you release further clips.
  9. Thanks roarin, most definitely will. Scouting for new subjects as we speak.
  10. That was really good!

    The only critical thought I had is actually external to the quality of the film, and points toward more of what I'd like to see: these films about builders, with these contemplative kind of shots of details bathed in light and flakes of dust, with quiet airy sounds in the background, were really good, but they're starting to become a bit 'samey' on the net. I used to love them, and you guys did it well, but as they start to become formulaic they lose their power. So I particularly enjoyed the ride scenes. And in particular I enjoyed that the ride scene didn't seem to have the annoying 'cool factor' that people who make your sort of films currently imbue such scenes with. You know, either the guy is sizzling cool and constantly 'going for it' - constant corner shots - on his hell-for-leather death-or-glory shitty CB350 cafe racer. Or he and his mates are just so much fun with their wacky expressions in the camera and their young-and-hip-ness we're-1960s-bad-boys-but-not-really-we're-just-cool-and-this-scene-is-crazy-I'm-so-humbled-ness. So I'd love to see some films from you guys that instead celebrate real riding and the real places that people ride through. A bit more real-world motorcycling of people on their Guzzi V7s or old Beemers or whatever, captured in the way you captured that fellow's ride. And you could do the contemplative shots, I guess, just of country things and old bits of iron in places people really rode too, not inner-city rockabilly garages or graffitied streets.

    EDIT: Maybe what I'd love to see is the sort of thing I aim for on my blog? Really trying to capture the beauty of being in and moving through a place / space on a motorcycle? I'm sure you could find some interesting local characters (or normal people) who ride to interesting places and do something with it. Something contemplative - not one more here-we-go-give-it-some-stick adrenalin shots. Rather, something quiet, something beautiful.