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A new take on ATTGATT

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, May 12, 2011.

  1. OK - you want ATTGATT?

    http://www.solidstatecovers.com/ :)

    And yes - they would be legal here if used with a legal helmet...

    But I really like the important safety notice - sums it all up really.
  2. Farking LOVE IT!!!! ROFL
  3. hahahahaha i had a good giggle, thanks for that :)

    much enjoyed the price and safety warning :p
  4. Bring out the gimp!!!

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  5. First of all, do they come with a lance and a place to attach the fair lady's scarf?

    Secondly, WHAT were you looking for when you found THAT, Tony :LOL:??
  6. Oddly enough it came up on a BMW forum I belong to... There is something vaguely Germanic about them! :)
  7. I've seen those advertised in The Horse. I've tended to think that I'd rather not have something like that around my face in the event of a crash. Besides, it's 15 years since I got rid of Razorback, my Mad Max 2 tribute combo :D.

    I do like the safety warning as it does, broadly, sum up my own views on such matters.
  8. ATTGATT - all the gayness all the time. (not that theres anything wrong with that).
  9. anyone else thinking it wouldn't take much to look like this?

  10. I looked for "transformer motorcycle helmet", trying to find the bumblebee one someone posted a while ago - I found this...


    I completely forgot what I was looking for. Who am I? What's going on?
  11. ^^ (y)!!!!!!!
  12. That pic was returned because she actually has a penis - watch her "transform"...
  13. kids will be pointing and saying...look mom its Oroku Saki as you ride by.
  14. Most kids would not know who the hell oroku saki is. Unless you were a kid in the 90s or just a true turtles nerd, you would simply know him as master shredder or that dude with all the spikes from ninja turtles. Haha I like the reference though! :D
  15. excellent thread hijack PhilC, i like the way this thread is going to go...
  16. Don't you mean "watch 'her' 'transform'?"

    winning call btw

    picture is also a win

    I just want a darth vader helmet with accompanying cape and etc
  17. pfft, safety warning conveniently naive viewpoint used only to assist in sale of dumbarse product.
    come of a bike, that thing slices your throat wide open, i try to help you but can't because i can't stop laughing at your stupidity.
    would take an A grade retard to ride around with a piece of metal like that strapped to their face
  18. When I read "Solid State Covers" I pictured this:


    and was of course very disappointed.