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A new rider saying hello and asking for advice - long

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Gerb, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Hello all

    If all goes as planned, by the end of next Friday I will have my bike l’s, so I figure its about time I stop lurking and say hello. So… um… Hi!

    Now that I have said hello, I’m after a bit of advice. I will have approximately 5 grand to spend on both the bike and gear. I've checked out some of the other posts and I’m thinking a 1000 would be enough to get some decent gear. Does this sound reasonable or should I spend more on gear? Does anybody have any recommendations on places where I can buy all the necessary equipment? I’m in the west of Melbourne. Or can anybody suggest any specific products that are high quality, but not overly expensive?

    So if I spent 1g on gear, that would leave me with up to 4g’s on a bike. Now the question is what bike? I’ve been thinking about it for a while and have a few in mind, but was after some of your opinions on them. I know I will have to go out and try different bikes etc before I make up my mind, but I was thinking I may be able to exclude some models or maybe you guys might suggest something I have over looked. Being in Vic, I am limited to a 250 and am after a fully faired bike. I'm about 511 and 78kgs so I'm not the biggest guy around, but not that small either. The bike will be used mainly for a bit of weekend fun and the occasional trip to work.

    I started off looking at rgv’s simply because they look awesome and I have heard they are quick. Then, however, my sensible side kicked in and I began thinking maybe a 2 stroke isn’t the best idea for a learner who has had very little experience on bikes, and has limited mechanical knowledge. Is the power band really that difficult for a learner to handle and is maintenance really that bad?

    So after realising a rgv may not be the wisest choice I began looking at 4 strokes, and I turned my attention towards the zx2r or cbrrr, however, it then came to my attention that these bikes may be out of my price range. Anyone have any opinions on these bikes or whether or not I would be able to find one for the four grand mark?

    I then thought, being my first bike it may be a good idea to get something a little cheaper. So I thought maybe a zzr or a gpx might be a good option. The prices on these two seem to vary, but I have seen some examples go for 2-3 grand, but I’m unsure of the condition. Any opinions of these bikes? What would be a good price for a cheap but good zzr or gpx?

    So anybody hae any suggestions on what they think might be a good bike for me? I'm still clinging on to the idea of an rgv or zx2r, but is this possible? what would you do in my position? Any other bikes?

    Also, I have heard some horror stories about some dodgy dealers. Does anybody have any suggestions on good places to go look for a bike? Should I check out some dealers or stay with the classifieds?

    Thanks for takeing the time to get to the bottom of what has turned out to be a longer than intedend post.
  2. BTW, welcome to the forums Gerb :D
  3. welcome :)

    this has been gone over plenty of times, you might want to try browsing through some previous posts
  4. Welcome Gerb, the answers to your questions already exist on this forum. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the SEARCH feature (at the top under the banner advert) for things like "new rider" etc.
    As usual, if you fail to find anything, I will officially disavow all knowledge of having given this advice.
    And, of course, this post will self-detruct in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 seconds :D
  5. Hi Gerb welcome . Firstly go and buy your gear . With whats left over buy your bike .Take into account that you will need pants , jacket , gloves , helmet and boots hence why we always advise on getting gear first . As Flip has guided you to a for sale post have you thought about the across at all ? Quite a few people have them here and rate them highly . Not the fasted around but solid enough for your first bike untill you upgrade in 12 months.
  6. Hi there Gerb. :)
  7. IMO $1k is not enough for gear. But that depends on what you're doing and how often you are riding. I spent $2k even though I didn't budget for it. As for bike for $3-4k Spada GPX CB are popular ones. Don't forget about insurance (I assume you'll want it) so get a quote before you buy.
  8. Ok, don't just limit yourself to those bikes... there's a few others you haven't mentioned yet.

    The usual list of wannabe-sports-250 4-strokes:-
    - CBR 250 R/RR be wary of respray/rebirths... and alot of R's (MC19's) have been resprayed Sumoto style as RR's (MC22's).
    - ZXR 250 ... there's no such this as a ZX2R, it's all marketing BS. The model is called the ZXR250 and comes in A (twin round headlight) and C (single headlight cluster) variants. The C is the newer and more attractive, but seems to demand insane price tags.
    - FZR 250 My old 2fiddy and i loved it! Comes in 2KR (twin round headlights) & 3LN (single headlight) variants. The 3LN-3 is the pick of the bunch, has EXUP & newer deltabox frame. Best of all their cheaper than the ZXR & CBR.

    The 2 stroker 250's:-
    All of the following are quick, light, and in the wrong hands dangerous.
    - RGV250... nice, sometimes cheap, sometimes thrashed.
    - NSR250... damn nice, dry clutch, alot of modding potential for bodywork.
    - RS250... expensive, but arguably the best 250cc 2 stroker. Awesome looks, and railed handling.

    Hope that helps. Just thought i'd add a constructive post as opposed to another 'go search' knock back. Yes this topic has been posted plenty of times in the past, but it's no reason to just knock it back.

    Whatever you buy, make sure you actually like it as your going to be spending a while learning on it. That said, don't buy the most expensive bling machine you can as your chances of dropping or damaging a bike whilst learning are stratospherically high... just ask insurance companies. ;)
  9. I spent only $800 on gear. Helmet, jacket, draggins, gloves & boots all brand new.

    Your best bet is to find a place that will give you a discount for getting all of your gear at once, doing this can save you alot of $$$$$.

    You can pick up a R for around 3500 in good condition, there are very few differences between these and the RR's

    I just found this if you're in melbourne you should check it out you won't often see RR's going at that price.
    PS: That bikes not mine
  10. It can be if you don't want race style leather gear.

    An example of a $1000 riding kit selection (prices taken from MCAS website)

    RJays H20 Boots $169.95
    Rjays LeMans Gloves $69-96
    Draggin Cargo Pants $179-97
    RJays K4 Mens Jacket $249-95
    HJC CL-14 Helmet Plain colours $269.95
    RJays Tornado Rain Over Pants $46-95

    It can be done cheaper than this too, there are learner packages for around the $700 mark, but the above examples would do for riding in most weather in most times of the year.
  11. Agreed wholeheartedly; you don't have to spend over $1,000 for riding gear, especially in your first years of riding. As illustrated above.

    Especially if you don't buy new gear; a second-hand leather jacket/Dri-Rider, perhaps from someone here upgrading, could punch a $300 hole in an all-new gear budget to begin with.....
  12. Hrrrm maybe my DriRider suit was a bad purchase. That blew out my budget somewhat.
  13. Also dont get too carried away spending all your money on fancy gear and not have enough to get a bike in good mechanical condition... eg. Id rather have a great set of brakes than a great jacket...

    Just a point that alot of people forget to mention... :)
  14. Just get a helmet, gloves and DriRider jacket.
  15. Jeans don't really offer much protection in a crash though, and they aren't waterproof.

    Also a large portion of injuries are foot, ankle and leg injuries... boots can substantially reduce the severity of those sorts of injuries.

    Having said that I'm happy to ride in jeans on a hot day if I'm not hurrying... but a learner probably needs better protection than jeans :)
  16. Don't forget to get a netrider membership before you buy your gear, so that you can get a discount with all of oiur partner businesses :D
  17. $4k is plenty for a decent bike, just dont expect the right one to be in front of your nose in the first week of looking.

    $1k is generally plenty for decent gear. full leather suits can be had for less than $500, gloves less than $100, boots less than $200 and decent helmets under $200. shop around and dont worry about having the latest style alpinestars have put out. and theres no shame in buying secondhand if thats what it comes to, aside from the helmet, it'll generally still do exactly the same job after a year or two of use.
  18. Thanks for all the advice. I know it has to be annoying with newbies asking the same questions over and over. I have actually used the search function, and spent the last few weeks trolling these boards. It’s just I figure things change over time, so something said a month ago may not be relevant now and since I am saying hello, I may as well ask. For instance, I am mainly concerned about gear at the moment, and I figured there might be some sales or something going on, or maybe some new businesses have recently opened up etc.

    So yeah, sorry for the new post and thanks to those who offered advice.

    The across looks interesting, but my girlfriend has her heart set on one, and we decided not to get the same bike. I know it’s a silly reason to rule out a bike, but we figure it might be a good idea to get different bikes so that we can get experience on more than just one type of bike. I will show her the post, but I don’t think she has enough money saved at the moment.

    I was considering a fzr, but I read some posts on this board where people were saying they were not as reliable as the other bikes, and parts were more expensive. Is this true, or just an exaggerated rumour?