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A new one for me... The Itchy Nose

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. I was travelling across the harbour bridge yesterday in my full face helmet and I started to get an itchy nose. By the time I was passing the SCG I was screaming with the itchiness. Do you think that I could get a red light so I could scratch it? Not at all! Exhaling sharply through my nose didn't help. I managed to sooth the itch by angling my head to allow a blast of air into my helmet to ease the itch. Cage drivers would have seen a demented motorcyclist riding up Oxford Street at 80KPH looking at an invisible fly. It was so distracting tha it made me wonder how many accidents happened as a result of such a phenomenon. How do you best deal with the itchy nose?

  2. Was it itchy on the inside? Cos I would just lift the visor and rub my nose if it was itchy on the outside...
  3. One response? Looks like no-one knows......
  4. 1. take left hand of bars
    2. lift visor
    3. proceed to scratch nose.

    Failing the ability to do all of that

    1. make sure nose hairs remained appropriately groomed as to avoid the itching irration caused by hairs

  5. :LOL:

    What about sneezing? I haven't had to yet but I can imagine that would be pretty dangerous.
  6. I have heard some horror stories about sneezes that involved pulling over to clear the visor. Never ride with a heavy cold. The nose itch was internal, and got so bad at one stage that I thought I had ebola up there. I am not confident or proficient enough to open my visor and have a rummage with a gloved hand at 80KPH.
  7. i'm a serial sneezer, and sometimes it isn't pretty :roll: if i'm going to sneeze i put the visor up so at least i'm not going to decorate that part of the helmet :shock: :p
  8. Ah the things that happen inside helmets.
    Can sympathise with the itchy nose, but have had much more of a problem when a bee flew into my helmet (from the neck area, not through an open visor), and then refused to leave.

    I was locked up in 3 lanes of traffic at the time and unable to pull over.

    Caused quite a few anxious moments, it did.
  9. today i got the worst itch ever, on the western highway. Due to the wind, i was riding at very weird angles and there was no way I was going to lift my hand off the bars going a hundred at an extreamly acute angle! Eventually I found some where to pull over.

    One of the worst feelings ever is when you have a terrible wedgie... as anyone who ive been riding with when im wearing jeans under my draggins would know, Its a funny sight to see me trying to pick one out at the lights!!!!
  10. Flip face helmets come in handy in those situations.

    Those as a noob I'm too scared to take my hand off the bars half the time :p

    Maybe it's just me who's noticed it but Rossi does this before EVERY race. I think it's part of his little routine or something but it's kinda funny to watch.
  11. There appears to be errant hair appearing in my helmet or neck-warmer on odd occasions - often gives me nose a tickle! But sneezing like crazy in my helmet during hayfever season isn't as bad as people make out... just messy. :)
  12. In a similar vein I hate it when you're touring and you get all your gear on and start out riding and realise that you've left your ear plugs out.

    1. Stop bike
    2. Take off gloves
    3. Remove helmet
    4. Remove balaclava
    5. Insert earplugs

    7.....reverse above procedure.

    Now that's bad when you're travelling by yourself, but it's even worse when you're with a group. Then EVERYONE knows you're a gumby.
  13. I get the itchy nose alot and thankfully my hand is small enough to fit from under the chin of the helmet and scratch.

    I find the most annoying and unnerving is the bug that flies into your helmet at the cheek and continues to buzz around. you cant quite get a gloved hand in there to kill it so you push the helmet against your face hoping to squash it! :D :D
  14. What about the other weekend I had the itchiest head. I was in the traffic and and it was one of those itches that punishes you. I thought I was never going to be able to pull over. But once I did man off came the helmet in record time. :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I once had a fly come through my open visor and lodge itself into my left ear.
    That was torture!
    I must have looked pretty funny shaking my head around furiously before I pulled over.
  16. I do big sneezes and i've noticed that its dangerous even in the car, i've only done it twice so far on a bike once at the lights, lost balance for a second and once while riding, its bad abs tense and lock up so you legs get pulled up or your chest gets thrown down towards the steering wheel.

    I cant just not sneeze cause it hurts too much to keep doing and the muscles in my back lock up if i do.

    whenever people are with me in the car they can't stop laughing so i imagine it must look extremely funny while on a bike.
  17. I believe that in order to sneeze you HAVE to close both eyes at the same time; worriesome on a bike!

    On an similar vein, on Saturday coming back into Sydney, I had a long and painful cramp in my left upper thigh, I almost had to pull over it was that painful. Is this common on longer rides; I've certainly never had it happen before?
  18. Yeah i ve had sneezing fits on the bike - very scary.
  19. do you pull over or just go for it.. i normally only have one unless i try and hold it in. but in the car i come close to head butting the steering wheel and on the bike cause of how you sit it must be close to headbutting the dash/tank.

    btw yes i'm sure its the 'jeans' that your trying to pick out
  20. Of course doctors tell us that, when we sneeze we actually lose consciousness for a fraction of a second. If you have a number of sneezes in a short space ot time while you're riding, that could be a worry. That's also why, after you have sneezed a few times, you feel a little light-headed.