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A new old boy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grumpyjon, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Hello to all who read.
    I have been checking out netrider for the last couple of months, and have now signed up. I have a Kawasaki GPX250 and my licence 4 2 weeks. The info I have gleaned from this site 2 give me greater knowledge of safe riding, has been something that cannot be gained without the advise and viewpoints from more experienced riders that can be found on netrider. I am a 52 year old guy that has wanted 2 ride for 30 years but listened 2 my fam instead of my heart. Now that I am on 2 wheels I feel 30 again. again I would like 2 say thank you to all 4 the information that I have recieved from reading the many and varied posts.

  2. Welcome, I guess now you have a bike after so long wanting one, you have no reason to grumpy!!
    get yourself along ot one of the Melbourne coffe nights and meet the gang in person.....
  3. Welcome Grumpy, I reckon we all feel a decade or two (or three) younger when riding :grin:

    There is some great advice on here and the forum becomes (nearly) as addictive as riding :LOL:

    Enjoy your ride and stay safe.

    (Sometimes I wake up Grumpy, the rest of the time I let him sleep :wink: ).
  4. Hi Grumpyjon!

    Welcome to the forums! You've got no reason to be grumpy anymore... you've met us!!! :p :p :shock: :LOL:
  5. The grumpyjon is just a name my nieces and nephews call me. I am really a very happy chappy. Especially now that I ride.
  6. Another old fart! :LOL:

    Welcome! Come along to Fri night coffee at Southbank and say g'day. :grin:
  7. Welcome to the forums Grumpy/Happyjon
    Ahh the mid life crisis ain't it great :grin:
    Hope to see you on a ride or at coffee
  8. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

    Jeez you're soooo old! :p

    Nice to see some more (mature) people arriving. :grin:
  9. Welcome Grumpy :grin:

    Check out the ages of the people replying... the youngest is in the 30's :LOL:

  10. welcome, had to put one in for the sake im STILL in my twenties, just had my bday and thought i was turning 29 but no alas im 28 for another year!!! woooohoooo!!!
  11. welcome mate! i am a new one around here too :) but i am in brisbane so wont be meeting you anytime soon but wish you all the best mate :)
  12. Welcome GrumpyJon ... being in Boronia you've got some good riding roads right on your doorstep!! ..
    Up the Mountain Hwy to Sassafras and once there take your choice ... right down to the Gully or left, through to Montrose ... either is always good fun for a quick loop in either direction ... and that's without shooting out back to Monbulk/Silvan etc etc ... I spent my formative years in Sassafras so know the area well.
    Anyways, enjoy these forums ... lotsa good info and heaps of good people here ...

    Edit = dunno me right from me left!!! :shock: :LOL: (I blame lack of sleep)
  13. G'day Grumpy, glad to see another youngster joining up, and even better another Kwaka rider, (obviously a man on discerning taste) if your not doing anything Saturday, why not join the learner freindly ride to Noojee... you'll find details here: https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=712
  14. welcome grumpy
    glad to see people of our age still young at heart and love to ride
    hope to see u saturday
    :grin: :grin:
  15. Hey Grumpy,

    Welcome and enjoy your bike! It's never too late to start riding!!!
    I've been riding for awhile but I am a newbie to Aussie and this forum has help me heaps from anything like where to ride, insurance, to practical stuff like shipping vehicles. It's a cool site. :grin:

  16. bloody young whipper snapper... where's me teeth? never cam find me teeth these days...

    what was I saying, what was I doing?
  17. Just make sure you sign up for the OFARCs as well... :LOL:

    Mr supposedly no-lane-splitting-but-red -light-running Brian :LOL: is still older though.

    I have it on good authority he actually lane splat(?) and ran a red light on Sunday :p :p :p :grin:

  18. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Only had the bike for three months and have knocked up 6000 K commuting to Prahran each day for work, and lots of rides over the hills. Living in Boronia makes it so easy to jump on and head east through all those great twisty roads. Unable to make the ride to Noojee on the weekend as I am working, though have done it and continued through to Neerim south, Warrigal, Korrumburra, Lang Lang. I love it so much. Will try to meet up with others on a coffe night at Southbank or La Porcetta in Boronia.
  19. Welcome Oh Grumpy One, my aim in life is to become a grumpy old man, but every time I get on my bike I end up smiling :grin:

    Someone who is older than me got their licence yaaaay :LOL: :LOL:
  20. hi there grumpy john

    it is good to get the heart pumping, concider it exercise,

    i'm also new to the fourm and am looking foward to getting out and going for a ride with all my new found riding buddies,

    Regardless of age!!!
    If i had of listened to my family i would have never thrown a leg over a bike at all, and missed out on a heap of fun.