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A New member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Phil55, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    Phil here, live in Bendigo,
    Full/time work keeps me away from the things I enjoy
    married and 2 adult children, keep pretty active and love travelling.
    May even meet some of you Saturday

  2. Welcome mate, what do u ride?
  3. G'day Phil

    Fun Ha!
  4. Hi Phil :)

    Born in 1955 and is 55 years old. What sort of bike? :D
  5. Welcome bro!
  6. G'day Phil and welcome to Netrider !
  7. Hello again, just got back from a few days out bush.
    Thanks for the wishes and please help out if I miss anything as by my age I am not the greatest with FREDs(........ Ridiculous Electronic Devices)
    I ride a 1990 Kawasaki 1000GTR
    I look like making the Icicle and bring a buddy along too.
    Cheers Phil
  8. lol freds, i havnt heard that one :D
    Welcome! Nice ride!
  9. Hi Phil and welcome to NR

    Might catch you at the Icicle Ride. If it goes through Bendigo you are in charge of the hot drinks :LOL: