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A new member saying Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paul Jarvinen, May 28, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone

    Just thought to say a quick hello. I've been riding for a very long time now but have only lurked on the different boards around.
    Just bought a new Moto Guzzi V7 Special Cafe to replace my previous steed who got written off 4 weeks ago on the way home from work.
    You would think that all road users would be aware of basic things like monitoring the flow of traffic - but that's not necessarily the case. When traffic slowed suddenly the car behind didn't. A fraction of a second's notice of the car in the mirror let me start to prepare.
    One thing to say about the old V7 Classic (just like the BMW R65 LS before it), these bikes will go exactly where you point them. It may not be the quickest around, but in city traffic you can't beat a low centre of gravity and all the torque low down in the range.
    Anyway, I bounced, the bike was pushed into the car in front, and here I am.

    Stay upright all.


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  2. Welcome Paul, glad to see you survived. Experience and experienced riders are always welcome at Netrider....
  3. Welcome Paul, I know what you mean by drivers not paying attention to traffic. Driving (Not riding) to work this morning, my car has day time LED running lights plus my fag lights were also on. Driving through a roundabout, mindless lady enters the roundabout I'm already on and nearly collides with the left side of my car as I went around. I managed to stop on the roundabout then drive around her. Don't know where the stupid bimboe's attention was, but it wasn't on driving, or she doesn't know the rules on roundabouts. It's bimboe's like her and the person that hit you that makes me filter in traffic whenever I can to stay out of reach of moving vehicles.
  4. Hey Paul, welcome to NR. Good to hear you're okay. Nice choice on the replacement too. Stay safe, it's a jungle out there
  5. G'day Paul, welcome to the forum. Glad you came out of it in one piece even if your bike didn't. It's a special kind of sinking feeling when you know someone behind you isn't going to stop...
  6. Welcome Paul.
  7. welcome aboard :]