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A New Melbourne Motard member.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SMC625, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    I have decided to finally join another bike forum just to meet a few other like minded riders and also get a few other idea's for our forum, I hope you don't mind! We are not competition as we are considered a different breed, lol.
    My names Justin, just call me Juz, I'm a very active member over at VSMR.
    I currently ride a KTM 625SMC Motard that I have tricked up a fair bit as I can't help modify my bikes. I just don't feel right on a stock bike, but that's just me. Nothing like a bit of personalisation to make a bike your own... ;)
    This is my 16th bike now, only one written off by a car driver, not myself, he failed to stop and hit me from behind whilst I was stopped at the lights. Only problem was it was my mates ZX12R. Ouch.
    I have met with a few of the guys down at Southbank on a Friday night but I'm usually not on my bike as I'm having a beer instead and as you know the two don't mix.
    I have just left 15 years in the bike trade, working on the other side of the counter in bike sales, spares, accessories, wholesale and even a bit of repping so I'm a bit of an all rounder.
    I have now given that away for a nice job in the Fed Gov. ;)
    I love road rides up in the hills, Black spur, Reefton Spur and as many track days as I can possibly afford.
    That's enough from me for an intro.
    See you on the road.

  2. Welcome aboard.

    Take your muddy boots off and make this your house.

  3. Thanks for that, even though I am not a big fan of the Roman Emperor Max I will check out a motard video anytime. :)
    If you want too see a few more head over to VSMR where I live and check out some of our vids, there are plenty of vids on u-tube and google video and the like if you fancy some 'tard action. It's great fun to watch!

    No muddy boots here unfortunately, I cut my teeth on the road and I still wear a crappy old set of alpine star road boots, but I will be getting some proper motard boots with the replaceable sole scrapers as soon as my bank balance recovers from my so far month long holiday. ;)

    Are there many other Motard riding freeks amongst the ranks here at netrider?

  4. Hey Juz n welcome!
    You shld head on down to the mistery ride we got a few
    like you crazy buggers there already.
    Those things look like a bunch o fun!
    But I think I'll stick with my 600.
  5. Welcome to NR juz :cool:
  6. welcome Juz...
  7. Juz,

    how are ya mate. good to see ya here too.

    Cya South Morang next meet. Or a Thursday night ride.


  8. Hi juz, welcome to the forum. Those Motard thingys look like a lot of fun. :grin:
  9. GPTC dump of a track there is still open? :eek: :?

    Have they cut the jungle grass yet? :LOL:
  10. hey buddy welcome!

    Was thinking about getting a motard.........how does it handle with pillions on it? still ok or struggling?
  11. Welcome to the lunacy of NR SMC625 (Juz)
  12. Welcome Juz :)
    Wow - 16 bikes?! You'll have to come on one of our rides some day soon.
  13. Thanks everyone for your warm welcome.

    I forgot about the myster ride last week, I remembered it when I heard a heap of bike coming through Port melb. in the evening.

    My bike is in at the shop at the moment getting serviced and a few extra's. I hope to get it back this Friday for a Saturday track day but one day too late for the mystery ride.

    Looking good for next Thursday nights ride though. :D
  14. Yes it's still open and yes they have cut the grass. It's under new management too.
    Bring yourself, your ride and $35 out this Saturday if you wish to be humiliated. ;)
  15. YAY! motard. i picked up an 06 XTX660 last week and took for a burn around tasmania.great ride. just got my peg down this arvo in the dandynongs. would love to see some racing and learn some stuff. will be in for the thursday night rides soon.
  16. hey juz, can you please tell me a bit more about the sth moran track. just got a SM, keen as mustard to see how its done.

  17. Hi Juz and welcome aboard dude.
  18. Lol, check out the date guys :)
  19. kiwidave - check out supermotoaus for all things South Morang.
  20. yeah kiwidave come over to supermotoaus.com

    south morang track is pretty good, i guess. tight, good for getting into the feel of motarding.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.