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A new low!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Finally got the thermometer on my bike down to 0.0 degrees today at 8am! I am not sure if it goes lower, as it hovered at 0.2 for a while in stretches before dipping down to the 0.0. Bike stayed cold too, oil temp was 28 degrees at that time.
    Was friggin cold! Frost on the pastures I was riding past!
    So that was my goal for this winter in Canberra, lets see if I can get -5...let's see if my temp gauge actually does peg at 0! Personally, I reckon -10 is achieveable, just have to get up earlier.
    My thermometer reads behind the windscreen, so there is no wind chill factor, it's a solid reading.
    What's your lowest?

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. I didn't have a thermometer on my old Honda 750F1 when I was living in Canberra in 1980, but without a fairing, I rode every day from Flynn to Calvary Hospital when the ambient temperature was -7 or worse! Add windchill, and it was colder than a mother-in-law's kiss!!
  3. unless it's someone else's mother in law....hmmmm someone had to say it right ? right ? no ? ok.
  4. Upon arrival at work this morning (8.00) I checked out electronic weather station.
    Outside temp 1.6 wind chill with 6kmh brease .2
    What the wind chill was at 80 or 60kmh I dont know, but I do know this.
    It took me a long time to undo the "D" rings on the helmet :!: and there was a slight forming of frost on the screen.

    But guess what, I'll still ride tomorrow :LOL:
  5. Riding in to work on Monday morning and then home from the coffee night on Monday it was damn cold. Had the winter gloves on and my fingers were solid numb didgets hanging off my hands.
    I got home and our thermo read -3 and thats without the windchill :shock:
  6. Not something I aspire to, but in July last year camped at Inverell and Stanthorpe - both sub zero nights with ice covering the tent both mornings :shock: Can't remember what the temp was when leaving but had beautiful days riding

  7. DSC_0719Medium.

    went a bit lower but this one was the only time I felt like taking the gloves off to get the camera out and doesn't show the sleet and 60km/h wind over the top of mt hotham. Should be better in a few weeks.

    I think hornet wins so far, although there is no proof :p

    PS hands up if you've done a fire and ice rally!
  8. Coldest I've experienced was riding through snow, not helped by the fact I was only wearing only jeans and a jacket. According to the official weather report the temp at the time was around -3~-4 (maximum for the day was just 2).
  9. Three of us used to pile into a mates Datsun Fairlady (Datsun's answer to the MG8) to go to work in Canberra. The top was totally stuffed and couldn't be put up, so every morning in winter we'd be scraping ice off both sides of the windscreen...

    Bloody cold...
  10. Try riding through a British winter, that sorts the men from the boys :shock:
  11. at the farm, 30kms west of cobargo, one particular morning i had to wait until 10am to even start my bike because the water in the radiator hoses was frozen solid.
    sometimes it pays to run good antifreeze in your bike/car ;)
  12. Not just Britain,
    we drove up from Death Valley to this in the Sierras in about 2 hours.
    Not a bad look for a police car. We sat drinking coffee and watched him trying to de-ice it for half an hour. :LOL:

    Believe it or not we passed half a dozen bikes following a snowplow. I wish I'd taken photos of them at the time. It was still snowing lightly and the plow left 2 metre piles each side of the road. The saving grace would have been if they fell off they had a relatively soft landing. :?

  13. well if it was above 0 on the way to tintaldra the bright weekend i'd be stuffed it was friggan cold going down through the snowy hydro scheme

    and then the reccy ride for eden coming over the brown mountain well after dark was colder still

    on the way to kyogle for the gateway rally last september going through guyra it was -4 at lunch time and the snow had just cleared, was rather unpleasant as we just had spent a hour riding in the pissing rain headed to tamworth, and we hadnt dried out be the time we makde guyra
  14. Right,
    Back in '47, before windscreens had even been invented, I rode 700 miles in one day through Yorkshire Moors in nowt but y-fronts and flip-flops. It were so cold that birds were dropping from the sky covered in ice and the sun couldn't come up cos it was frozen to the horizon. Course, we didn't have ther-bloody-mometers back in those days but my tiddlies were burrowed so far back into me belly I'd say it were -98 degrees and no less.
    But you try telling that to kids these days n' they won't believe you…
  15. and back when i was a boy, before these new fangled motorcycles you speak of, i had to walk 50 miles to school in the freezing snow, uphill, both ways...
  16. barefooted
  17. ...and the snow covered paths were sprinkled with broken glass for added traction...
  18. Broken glass?....

    ...bloody luxury.
  19. clear! *applies shock paddles and revives thread*

    I had to scrape ice off the bike this morning... not a thin layer either :eek: