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A New Line of Draggins?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by scarecrow, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Was told today by bikebiz that they coudn't order me a 32" charcoal sports set of draggin jeans because the they were no longer in production. He said the current range of denim draggins were being superseeded by a new lineup due to hit shelves in a month.

    Does anyone know how much truth there is to this? If there's some sexy looking new jeans coming out i'd rather wait till they get here, but if my chain was being yanked then i'll happily head over to mcas and pick up a pair of the current model sports comfort fit.
  2. Why not just head over to the Draggin Site & see if there is any mention about new lines.
  3. I've done that :) No mention, even emailed them, no reply. Probably should have given them a call, but pssht, I thought it would be easier to ask here, me being lazy and all.
  4. The head office of Draggin Jeans is around the corner from my office, i could pop in on Monday and ask if you like.
  5. If this is your first pair of draggins ,"maybe" try a bigger size ,as i find them great to wear around but abit tight on the sports bike when your riding .

    Any one else find this?.
    Do you have the same size as normal jeans or do you go bigger with the draggins.

    Now i got the cruiser its fine and a bigger size the legs might flap around abit much.
  6. Yep I definetly found this, usually i'm a 30" and need a belt for those, in draggins I had to squeeeeze into a 30, almost had to ask the salesman to grease me up so I could get in there :p I'm definetly a 32" for the draggins, the waist is really loose on me, but, everywhere else fits much better.
  7. thank goodness i thought i was just getting fatter.

    Draggin would avoid mentioning new lines until they are released,
    because people like you would suddenly stop buying all draggins
    until the new line comes. If you ask them direct they might
    tell you though.
  8. Best draggin jeans for comfort are the traffic worn style. I found the classic to be a bit stiff and uncomfy.
  9. say Hi to Ben and Lucky for me ;)
  10. i wear my draggins to the pub as a safety precaution because i often have a tumble on the way home. i wonder if they will bring out a "going to the pub" series?
  11. I can't wait to see the promotional video! :LOL:
  12. There'd definetly be a market for it, went on a pubcrawl in the city with some mates, was running full pelt across the bridge joining the two sides of darling harbour and had a little collision, both ended up bleeding with skinned knees. Draggins could of saved me that night, although, we wouldn't of had such cool injuries to be showing all the drunk lowies hanging out the front of sublime.
  13. i had a tumble getting from the pub back to my motel room last week, the course includes around 12 stairs, a carpark, a grass section, little bridge, more carpark and then finally 6 more stairs. its around 100m in length.

    i had my off getting from the bridge to the carpark and landed on my knees & hands. draggins were on so all i got was a bruise. should have been wearing gloves to save the hands i guess, but then where do i stop? i can see myself kitting up outside the pub for the stroll back to my room with jacket, boots, draggins, gloves and helmet :LOL:

    .....well you never know :rofl:
  14. I don't see a dilemna:
    Buy the Arctic Combat Pants!

  15. l wear a size 34" in jeans, with draggin camo's l had to get a size 38". And as for the crotch area, well there's not alot of room to move. It seems that from the waist of the camo's to the crotch area is just to small! But l stll lovem though.
  16. all i know is hornee jeans is supposed ot be bringing out a new colour range this summer...