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A new Honda for me soon.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ausfox, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Firstly thanks for the reading everyone. Lots of info, almost too much. Hence the next bit.

    I have been talking to some friends and have come to the following dilemma.

    I want a Honda. That's decided.
    I want ABS. Need it to get around the minister of war and finance.
    I'm on my L's.
    I'm 37.
    Think I want to upgrade soon after getting my fulls.


    Do I go the CB400 or CBR250R?

    CB400. Better bike, bigger outlay, harder to get past the minister,
    CBR250R Basic bike, still good, (waiting for the scooter comments), half the price, can spend more on gear.

    It's my only choice to make, then I'll be on the road.

    Don't really know what I'm asking but I've heard so much that I'm now confused.

    Thanks everyone.


    P.S. I will probably buy new. And haven't ridden since I was a teenager.
  2. Go the 400. It's always a good plan to go for as big a bike as the budget will allow.
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  3. I don't know much, but keeping the Minister happy is ALWAYS a good long-term plan :p

    Height and wieght will give those with more knowledge on the subject more info, and therfore will get you more customised advice :D

    Also your expected uses: are you wanting to use it as a Commuter, geting to work, or more about the long cruises on the weekends? I'd have to assume the 400 would be better for the longer Cruises and Highway rides...
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  4. Okkie doke,

    5'10", 75kgs.

    CB400 is right on the limit of finances.
  5. Also I'll be commuting but not every day.

    Will be doing a few rides but that's sort of not known.

    Live in the shire so will be heading down to the gong every now and then.

  6. Ouch: as soon as your even contemplating Bulli pass and/or Mount ousley Road, I'd be leaning towards the 400, just for less stress on the Engine (again, VERY limited knowledge, nothing I personally know of Bikes, more those 2 roads) although, with your Height and weight, you'd probably get away with the 250 on them without too much trouble.

    That's about all the info i can really offer; gonna leave it to the real Riders from here on in, good luck, and have fun on the roads! (LOTS of good info in the New Riders/tips section on this Site :D)
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  7. Thanks for your help.
    Just wish I could easily afford a CB400.
    Sort of asking I guess if I could get away with the CBR250R.
    Thanks again.
  8. Don't settle for something less than you think will make you as happy as possible.

    You need to start at least on something which will keep you entertained and learning as much as possible lest you get bored/fed up and lose the joy of riding!

    It could mean the difference between an enjoyable $10,000 or a miserable waste of $5000.

    CB400 will rip shreds off the other option by a country mile.

    Have you considered a pre-loved CB400?
  9. a few people here have the cb400 and swear by them, MINGLIS has one which he passed on to his wife and he installed a screen on it and doet not regret it one bit, being a naked bike the screen makes for wind protection and reduces stress and fatigue [safety], the bikes well known for reliability and comfort as well. You get what you pay for!
  10. A pre-loved CB400 is a good suggestion, just check it has been serviced and you should be ok. Very reliable and easy to ride, but perhaps not as soulful as some
  11. Soulful? What would you suggest is a soulful learners bike?
    (Not abusing, genuinely interested as to what LAMS bike that would apply to).
  12. Oh I wasn't really meaning to compare to other Learners bikes, it was just a general thought I picked up from reading another thread. Don't get me wrong, I love my CB....but its very predictable.. you just know its going to do the job and it is never tempermental...
  13. Mate, just go read the CB400 thread on here. If that's not enough proof that the 400 is a brilliant bike, and even one you can hold on to after your restrictions, then nothing else is.

    I would not attempt ousley with a 250 scooter with fairings. Unfortunately, this is what small capacity "bikes" have turned into. Anything under 400cc should be two stroke to make it competitive.

    Anyway, go ride both, and make up your mind. I think the choice will be pretty clear. And if you're not in too much of a rush you should be able to find a pre-loved CB for cheap. I bought mine for $8000 with 800kms on the clock. It was practically brand new.

    Hope that helps
  14. Ah yes, the old unassuming reliability being used as a negative trick :p
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  15. To put a new perspective on it (which has not yet been addressed) - which bike will you be able to resell for the least loss? I suspect this will be a 2nd hand, but a near new, cycle.

    Also, how long is the min time you will have to keep the bike? This is important.

    It's probably a reasonable assumption that the 400 is the better bike, but, depending on the answers above the 250 may suffice. I learnt on a hyo 250, which has less power than the CBR250R, and it was slow (as expected) but from a practical sense, I don't think the you will learn more from the 400 unless you are gonna keep it 12 months plus.

    It depends on the type of person you are. If you see the bike as a tool for learning, and the 250 fits you, and you could use the saved dosh on the family/wife/un-restricted bike I don't think the 250 would be horrible (but I haven't ever ridden one).

    Just some logic to an emotional topic.
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  16. vtr250 and learn how to brake properly
  17. Ok.

    I was thinking last night that I hadn't said everything and over night my thoughts were read.

    I am going to try and keep it for as long as my p's, which would be 18 months from now, and I thought saving cash for an upgrade might be a better idea.

    I know that the CB400 is a better bike, but am I going to learn more on it than a CBR250R scooter?

  18. Go test ride both.

    And then buy a 400 :)
  19. You are going to learn more on the 250 big bikes make you lazy.
  20. I wouldn't call a 400 a "big" bike.