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A new Guy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by oldguyonl, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. hi Everyone just hello , i have been secretly reading the forums for the last few months , and have decided at 42 to get my bike license booked in for pre learner in March. i am getting a new XVS650 Custom ( black ) has anyone had bad experience with Bike Biz ,as this is were ill end up pruchasing from.

    have researched my head off and cant get away from the 650 cruiser so I am 100% going this way :) , So if anyone south of the Gong see a large guy riding a black XVS650 its me gimme a nod or tell me im doing something wrong please :)

  2. Welcome to the club. :)
    I got my XVS just over a month ago... very happy with it.
  3. how far south of the 'Gong? I live in the Lake Illawarra area, I might see you around

    welcome to Netrider

    (And 42 ain't old, by the way :LOL:)
  4. I'd be happy to do both. Its pretty easy to tell you what your doing wrong though, and you've already identified it yourself hahahaha. (hint: its a cruiser).

    Seriously, welcome to the forummm and good luck with the Ls.
  5. Welcome in oldguy.

    Do note that you're gonna have to practice a little harder to do the MOST on the 650 cruiser, though you can hire one of their bikes for the day instead so dont let it stop you.

    Go for the bike you like!
  6. Welcome to NR oldguyonl.
  7. thanks for the welcomes , Hornet I Live at Mount Warrigal very close to you .