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A New Family Member Has Arrived!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MadAzz300, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. It's been a long time comin' but my bloke finally pulled his finger out and got his learners (y)

    Since he's a dirt rider, he thought he'd have the best of both worlds...

    Please welcome the new 2013 CRF250L to our family:


    Congrats matie ;)

  2. Excellent, congrats to the growing family
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  3. Congrats mate hope all are doing well after the new arrival
  4. lol...first few nights of owning it - and ****s around the area have already tried breaking the garage lock and getting in the garage to it....welcome to mt druitt life - dirt bikes = easy cash to the dole bludger/junkie.
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    Last edited: Nov 3, 2012
    I hate suburbia. Anyway - cops showed up out of the blue and went to specific houses around me to question the peoples.. must know something I don't. Anyway - this just showed us what we need to improve security wise.
  6. Mate why dont you get one of those mini security setups from jaycar/super cheap etc. A mate of mines got one set up at his place and he swears by it. his was just a lower /middle range cost and even if they do manage to steal/damage your bike etc you will have it all on video. Just a like gopro for your home.
  7. Sounds good Jeff - I'll look into that for sure.
    The owner is keen to help out in any way we need as well, so that's a plus (y)
  8. Wait what am I missing? Someone stole your new bike already? I feel like I can't see a vital post lol
  9. No - it was an attempt - luckily an inexperienced and interrupted one...

  10. Oh that sucks, at least it failed :) Does Crisis know you IRL or did you post about it in another thread? Anyway glad they were obviously shitty thieves :D
  11. Yes Crisis and I are mates IRL (y)
  12. Yay now I can employ you to punch him when he beats me to 'are you hot?'!
  13. yeahhhhh she lives local to me...so we catch up every so often for a chat - swap stories of ghetto life and so on..
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