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A new eagle from Italy !!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by redeagle, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Hi all!
    A big hello from Italy. I want to introduce myself and see what happens even if I am on the other side of the world.

    The following photos have been taken on April, 14 - 2006 :)

    The first meeting with my Kawasaki Er-6f

    I really am out of my mind!

    Last check out...

    My two brothers (the third one was not available), me and my dad.

    Motorbike on, lights on, helmet on head, and here we go...

    It was an OUTSTANDING day, and I hope you enjoyed sharing it with me! :)

    Seen you soon, maybe! :)
  2. Welcome to NR from the otherside of the world !!!

    I looked at one of these for my upgrade but fell in love with the ZZR600 instead.

    Enjoy your new baby. It truely is a full family affair with you.

    Ride safely.

    BTW Happy NEw Year.

  3. Welcome to netrider,
    A few rules.
    1. no more than 3 pictures the rest can be linked.
    2. no pictures in your sig.

    Enjoy the forums.
  4. Welcome! Er6f is a great bike I'm sure you'll love it :D

    I too looked at getting one, but the need to replace the bars (too high for my liking) and the extra price lead me to a cheapy sv650s :)
  5. I thought the same thing about the bars - don't seem that bad on the naked but the faired could do with something lower (or ideally clip-ons).

    Nice looking bike though Redeagle, love the black/red version.
    Have fun and welcome to Netrider.
  6. Thank you guys for your greetings, and thanks for all hints about pictures in posts. :)

    Since I don't know a lot of english terms when it comes to bikes, what do you mean with "bars" ? I am sure it has something to do with the front wheel, but I am not sure! :)

    Can anyone help me?
  7. bars = handlebars ie the bits you hold onto the steer the front wheel ;).
  8. Oh thanks!!! Forgive my poor tech english... :)
    So how do you call those two bars that connect the front wheel to the steer?
  9. Front Forks.
  10. HAHAHAH... Ok, I feel like an idiot, but thanks anyway for the good tip! :)
  11. welcome fellow italiano...
  12. hello and welcome from melb! :p
  13. Thanks!!!
    Are there lof of Italians in Australia?