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A new direction for Harley Davidson

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Seems to have been a few new concepts unveiled at the Intermot show in Cologne - including a new prototype from Harley based on the old flat track racers. Aimed at the European market power's only around 90hp however it does feature USD Showa forks and Nissin brakes aimed at making it (supposedly) handle exceptionally well. Must admit I do like the look of it, be interesting to see how well it's accepted by Harley and non-Harley riders.

    More info:

  2. Memories of Cal Rayborn and Mert Lawill.

    If I had the money, I'd DEFINITELY buy one of these!!
  3. Yeah baby! Looks fantastic!
  4. Finally the best of both worlds. Pity the price tag will be HD too :cry: I'd buy one. Looks good.
  5. very nice, I wish everyone would stop bringing out new sexy bikes, makes my choice too hard.
  6. I HATE harley davidson's traditional bikes.

    But that thing is totally sexy & I want to touch it in special ways.

    VERY nice looking bike, would love to take one for a test ride & see how it handles.
  7. I am guessing non harley riders is the target market just liek the VROD.
  8. Not a fan of the colour scheme, but does look like very ridable bike. If it goes as good as they say I might even consider trading in the Hyo... :LOL:
  9. Put some flatter bars on and I'd put a leg over it for sure.
  10. that looks great.
    a naked with a big chrome exhaust....nice.
  11. :LOL: [IMG:41:46:7ed671e717]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/emot070.gif[/img:7ed671e717]
  12. A tractor is a tractor, no matter what it looks like.
  13. You have an excellent point, Mr. Hyosung rider. :LOL:
  14. Looks great.

    And here I was thinking there was only going to be one word in the first post "forward" :rofl:
  15. :rofl: :eek:wned:
  16. ooooh..I like :) :)
  17. Looks like a "competitor" to the Yamaha MT-01 and V-Max...

    But yes, tis reasonably sexy.

  18. Are Hardly ridables any more reliable than they used to be? It still amazes me how many I see getting brought down the gillies range on the back of tow trucks broken down.
    I live at the base of the Gillies range in Cairns and I can't help but notice how many problems people have with them.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Personally I can't see the appeal in the things, But each to his/her own of course.

    But I will say this is the first time I have looked a harley and thought it looked pretty good.
  19. wow :shock: now they're only 30 odd years behind the times :p :p :rofl: