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A new Chain???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bluespawn, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Okay, I had a look at my chain today, and there is HEAPS of slack, easily 40mm, this seems odd as I bought it from a shop and they said they had tightened it. I've had the bike for 3 weeks perhaps and have done 800km or so. Do I really need to adjust the chain so frequently? How do I know when I need a new chain? Just until it is fully extened at the rear wheel and is still too loose?

    Also, I need a new cam chain as the bike is consistantly rattling on the right side whether hot or cold, now, if I know it needs to be done, how long would you think I would be able to give it before it might become a problem? I travel 400km a week and I'd hate for it to do any real damage cause I can't get to it for a few weeks.

    Any suggestions or tips on these issues would be great.
  2. your chain will stretch more than usual if it is not oiled enough. Chains with little lubrication get hotter because of excess friction, friction causes heat and heat will cause your chain to stretch. Also it depends on the quality of the chain in the first place.
    When I first got my bike I was adjusting the chain every other week, since putting on new chain and sprockets of a decent quality I have only adjusted my chain once in 9,000 Kms :)
    Yes, you are correct about when you need a new chain, when you can not adjust it anymore. It is also wise to replace the front and rear sprockets at the same time, that way the new chain will bed in nicely to the new sprockets and increase it's life.
  3. Also 40mm of slack isn't that bad. I think the guide line is a bout 2 to 3 inches of slack, because you don't want your chain over tightened. 40 mm sounds fine. But yeah if you are doing approx 250ks per week, you might want to get into the habit of lubing your chain once a week.
  4. The amount of acceptable chain slack varies from bike to bike. For mine it's between 25-35mm, so 40mm would be too much.

    I suggest you look at your owners manual (or service manual) to see what the recommended amount of slack is.
  5. My ZZR manual reccomends slack of 35mm to 45mm... I thought it was heaps too when I measured it.
  6. if you are getting cam chain rattle, i suggest you put it in to see the doctor as soon as you can afford it. best case - its just your tensioners so wont be too expensive. worst case your cam chain falls off and drops in to the sump which requires open heart surgery.
    some old motors will have rattle in their cam chain when the oil gets old and viscosity increases. maybe a simple oil change?
  7. Other chain mate :p.
  8. Read the OP again... :p
  9. Haha whoops. Must've had a fade, my bad Joel :).
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