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A new but unwanted experience

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by icecoffee71, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Well, I was riding home this evening on my GPX, when I noticed my steering started to feel weird. As I continued along, I decided to ask my boyfriend to take a ride on the bike to see if he could find the problem, (he has been riding for over 10 years).

    Then, as I took the last few corners before reaching home, the steering felt worse and I slowed right down to feel a little safer. Once I pulled up at home, I got off my bike to look for the problem.

    I checked the front wheel and forks, no drama there and then I looked at the back tyre, ah ha I said, that explains everything. One flat tyre=very unhappy me, especially since I had only bought the rear tyre on Tuesday.

    I'm glad I was so close to home when it happened, as I have only been riding for 17 months and had not experienced anything like this before.

  2. 10 years and he can't pick a flat?
  3. Don't think he actually got a look at it before she got it home and noticed herself from what I read...

    At least you know what it feels like now, so you'll know what to do next time you get the same feeling.

    As for me, having never had one in my short riding career - I'll continue to freak out about it every time I go over a particularly bumpy bit of road :facepalm:
  4. Flat tyres aren't as scary as the books say.

    OP did the right thing. If things feel weird, slow down, take it easy and you'll be ok.

    You'll know if something's not right. You won't go flying off the bike into trees and landmines and staples and broken glass.

    The bike will just gently go a bit wibbly.

    QuarterWit is right though... after 10 years... ?!?

  5. :WStupid:

    I've only ever experienced low tyre pressure, and that was enough to get my attention.
  6. Yeah it doesn't sound like the BF got a look in before the OP sussed it out ;)

    I'm very familiar with the week-after-buying-a-newbie puncture :p It just feels like everything gets very soggy to me like riding on sand.
  7. I understand that motorbike tyres in general are designed to run flat gracefully and not explode into a fury of rubber shrapnel?
  8. I once picked up a roofing nail on a freeway. Instant flat. Bike started fishtailing. If that wasn't scary enough a damn cager still overtook while I was still getting it under control.
  9. Actually, my boyfriend didn't get home till 10pm, as he was working at the train derailment near Croydon all day. So, it was me who discovered the problem.

    Thanks for the votes of empathy
  10. Hmmm, some of you lads need to practice reading comprehension for a bit.
  11. Well, my boyfriend and I took my bike back to where I had the rear tyre fitted today to fix the rear tyre and discovered the cause of my flat tyre was actually a rip in the base of the tyre valve!
  12. Umm..I've got an old, scarred leather jacket and a tendency to wake up screaming at 3am that say different.

    Granted, modern tubeless tyres which can survive having surprisingly large objects embedded in them have lessened the risk, but sudden deflation of either tyre still has major potential to put you down before you know what's going on.
  13. replacement by place installed free of charge?
  14. It certainly was. I must admit the service I got from the guys at Peter Stevens in Ringwood was very good. Nice price too, for the rear tyre.