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A new biker landed in Brissy :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by B1K3R, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow netriders! ;)

    So finally, I have landed in OZ, been here a month and a half now in Brissy and so far it has been amazing (apart from landing bang in the floods!)! Been looking for a job since then and finally I am close to a deal ;)

    Anyway, it's time for a bike soon! Lately, I have seen lots of bikers driving around, which is great. Especially going to the city in the morning...me driving the car in the traffic jams..grrrrrr...and seeing all the bikers passing by..ohhh I'm so jealous man!!!

    Unfortunately, I wont be able to buy a bike now, the move to oz was too expensive and to set up base etc, but hopefully will be able to buy some 250 or something before I kill myself without one ;)

    I was soooo surprised at the riders here....minimal splitting in traffic! I've noticed that most of them prefer to drive slowly on the emergency lane and some of them just stay put in the traffic...oh my oh my :)

    As for the gear...hehehe, mostly shorts and a jacket :rofl: ...and even when its pissing rain big time!

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to start my new bike adventure in OZ and hopefully I'll manage to get some kind of bike (pls GOD give me a bike, any bike!) to start feeling alive again.

  2. welcome to the soggy state....
  3. Welcome to Brisvegas (and Australia).

    Splitting/filtering habits vary state to state, I've noticed, moving around with work. Melbourne, VIC is all about the between-car filtering while NSW is all about the emergency lane use. Brisbane's... somewhere in the middle I think, overall.

    And yeah, plenty of folks in shorts and T-shirt rather than mesh armour or whatever. XD
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    Welcome to Brissy mate! Did you end up in the Redlands?

  5. Thanks..and very true! :)

    Thanks! Yeah, in fact I have noticed the difference between Melbourne and Brissy and that's quite true... :) Guess I'll use the Melbourne style here ;)

    Thanks! Yep, I ended up in Cleveland. It's a nice quiet place here, daughter settled into school nicely and missus doing lots of friends! People have been so nice here and kind, been amazed! Like this guy that I met, he just lent me one of his cars for a few months until we settle down. I was like..WOW. He paid the rego and insurance, filled the tank with fuel and drove the car to our house. My wife is convinced that he must be a mafia guy and that we are now 'screwed'! :rofl:

    Anyway, its taking me 1hr by train to CBD, or 1 hr 15 mins by car if I leave at 7am. But I reckon once I'll have a bike, I'll do it in around 40 mins, which is not bad ;)

  6. Welcome to OZ and the bayside :).

    If I get bored I'll go for a ride down to Cleveland and Victoria Point, which good place to take the kids at low tide. Its a nice area.

    FYI - It takes me about 40min from Wynnum into the CBD while lane splitting on the bike. 30min on a good day.
  7. Thanks mate :) Yep, I took my daughter to Thompson beach in Victoria Point this week, was really lovely down there.

    Yeah, it took me around 45 to 50 mins (no traffic) by car to the city, so I am assuming 35 to 40 mins will be a fair bet with the bike ;)

  8. Welcome to brissie.

    Today I saw a guy on an r6 wearing thongs.
  9. Thanks mate :) Thongs! :eek:

  10. Get it right, safety thongs.

    Regarding splitting, there aren't what I would call a large amount of riders that will split in slow moving traffic. I saw the number I notice drop significantly when cops used cameras on the overpass and then picked up the rider just a little bit down the road.
    If your going to split when you get a bike again, just watch out for tradies.

  11. :worthlesspics:
  12. Sounds like she is settling in very well indeed
  13. Hmm, so they do monitor splitting etc...

    And...what are tradies?

  14. like?

    Yes indeed :) Except, that she misses her family... ](*,)
  15. They do a blitz on it a couple of times a year from what I have seen.

    Tradies - Tradesmen.
  16. Welcome to Oz. Whereabouts are you from?

    "doing friends" has a certain meaning here that you may not be familiar with. I suggest you try doing some of your new workmates. That may make it a bit clearer. Do let us know how it goes (no pun intended).
  17. I'm from a little rock in the Mediterranean called Malta. Too freken small for me

    Anyway, hehe, what different meaning could it be from anywhere else? OK, maybe I exaggerated....I meant new acquaintances :)

    Though, I radiate lots of positive energy and thus only attract people with that kind of aura ;)

  18. See we have to go with what was written, not what was meant. Not because we didn't get what you were trying to say, simply what was written is sexier.
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    Moral dilemma. Put a stop to it by explaining the meaning in question, or let this continue to the point of realisation...hmm...

  20. ɹǝpunuʍop ǝɯoɔlǝʍ

    From Malta you say? You don't happen to drive a Falcon by any chance?:D