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A new beginning

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gordon, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Howdy,
    My names david, i finally did it after enrolling in the SA course rider safe roughly 2 months ago i got me Learners permit to once again become a loser of the road. Now just to find a honda vtr250 for sale in the streets of adelaide, or my second choice the zzr250. Im going looking tomorrow, hopefully pick up some gear so i can get my butt in to gear and get out on the road build some confidence then explore the adelaide hills like no car can. Anyways i would just like to introduce myself and say hi, hopefully this website can be a resourceful as many people tell me.

  2. Welcome Gordon!

    Umm, resourceful? Full of shyte maybe, with the occasional resourcefulness.....

    For your bike, check out trading post online. That's where I bought my VTR250. Ace little bike that :wink:
  3. welcome mate. hope you get the bike you want
  4. Welcome to motorcycling and welcome to netrider. It only gets better from here!
  5. :shock: Are you on absinth? Doesn't get better, goes downhill!!!!! :LOL:
  6. I saw a vtr that's also parked to where I park at uni. Not sure if its a 250, but its a shiny new one. I'm not into naked bikes, but dammnn vtr is sexy.
  7. Yeah i kept trying the trader but when i do a search even across aus i get nothing. Im hoping that tomorrow with the new trader, there will b my bike, all cheap and immaculate!! But then again thats the dream. Im not sure but bikes seem to go cheaper in vic, perhaps shipping one over is an option but id need someone to check it over, my budget is 4000 but im willing to put more in to get the vtr250 its all about getting the best buy.
  8. Welcome aBoard gordon. Ride safe.
  9. G'day Gordon.

    Enjoy the forums, the bike (when you get it), and the riding 8)

    I bought mine from a dealer down here in Hobart, cost $200 more than an equivalent bike being sold privately, but by buying bike, gear etc from the same place I wrangled a reasonable discount overall, plus got a "pre-delivery" service and the next service the book says is due in the deal.

  10. Welcome Gordon, stay rubber side down always.

  11. mmmmmmmm....... absinth (insert drooling face here) but it needs some laudnum.
  12. Welcome to the forums mate. :D :D :D
  13. Welcome David :D .. Hope ya find the bike of ya dreams....

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. Welcome Gordon,

    VTR is a top bike (if I do say so myself!!). Good luck in your hunt and enjoy the ride!

  15. Hi David,

    Oh the Adelaide hills are just excellent to ride through .. also a little putter up to Victor Harbour is great on a nice day. I try to always do both when I am over in SA.

    Enjoy whatever bike ya get!

    Taz :)
  16. I found the bike of me dreams. After a disappointin look in the trader finding no vtrs at all i rang the dealers. I found that honda world has an exrental vtr250 with 20000 on the clock for $5500. Im hooked on this bike but after talking to the salesman its gonna b way more expensive then i can afford. I gotta pay on-roads $500 plus an insurance quote with swan was $1000 comp or $788 third party fire and theft. So straight away im looking at #blink blink 7g's thats the back account depleted, so ill have a great little bike but no gear!!! Ive heard of vtr250s going cheaper intersate is this a posibilty?? to ship one over or would this work out similar prices. i have no idea how much shippin costs theses days!! Or i just go buy a crap bike like a cb250 and get some excellent gear and save the pennies. Im only 17 so i got like a 3 yr wait til i can upgrade, found that out 2 days ago but im ok with that, thats why i wanted a nice bike to get me through the years!!
    reguards dave
  17. The cb250 certainly isn't a crap bike... It all depends on your personal requirements and needs! If you want a reliable bike that requires little maintenance and are not out for hooning then the cb 250 may be a great bike for someone (right sue?). THe cb250 didn't suit my needs/wants, but given that they are unchanged after all these years there is something right about them...

    Have you considered something like a Spada? Very similar to the vtr, but you will find it much cheaper. Why do you have to wait 3 years? Do you have to be 20 to get on something bigger than a 250? I thought restrictions expired after 1 year after you are on your p's? I may be wrong.

    And finally, if you do have to wait 3 years could it be worthwhile to wait a little longer, save a bit more, so you can get that bike you really want?
  18. If you've got 3 years to upgrade then save a few more bucks and buy the bike you want. I rode a VTR for 12 months and was very happy with it. Apparently a lot of people hang on to them until well after thier restrictions have finished.

    Ya gunna have it for three years, don't be in a panic to get it this week.
  19. Yeah boz, thanks for the advice, maybe i look at something like a cb250. But I dont want to wait for a bike cause ive already waited for ummm a year but i really want to get out there. Im sure you know what i mean sick of the cage. I have 7000 in the bank i thought that would be more then enough. As far as i know, because im still on my car P's i have to complete those before i can get a sa r-date license which means i need to wait til 19 then can apply for r-date and still b restricted for another year til i get unrestricted. PLus the vtr250 for 5500 is the cheapest vtr ive seen, they are normally up in the 6g range here. I guess i could get a cheapy run it to the ground and hopefulll by then ill have enough money for a new bike. The spada is a good idea, but i have enough trouble finding a vtr in adelaide let alone a spada.