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A new addition to the family!....

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Tweetster, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. So, I sold the ZZR250 (to my partner's son!... god bless teenage boys of motorbike riding age! =D>).

    Yes, I already had my upgrade bike - The lovely ZZR600 :dance:.. and what a fab bike she is!... BUT.. I wanted something which I could ride as a contrast to the ZZR600 for something a little different....

    This is where this bike comes in!: :woot: ...plenty of room for the 2 of them \\:D/

    It needs a bit of work... some modifications etc.. but the mechanic (grange) can fix all that!... :angel:

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  2. Nice looker, age, price, kms?
  3. sweet, questions too as above :)
  4. Hey!!... Thanks guys! :wink:

    It's a 1999 model, with 68 thou k's.... Cost me just over $3 k's. As I said, needs a bit of work, but as a second bike for mucking around on, I'm pretty pleased :)

    .... Even though grange thought I should have got a postie as a second bike!!...Lol
  5. Nice Yam!
    I'm guessing the r6 is noticeably quicker? With a pipe, tune, and carb balance, it'll be a fair weapon!
  6. Verrry nice :) I'd say you're going to have lots of good times on that bike.
  7. nice one.... lose the tunnel attached to the side ;)
  8. I like it! (y)
  9. Hey nice bike! Must admit I've never really paid attention to yammies, but that looks pretty sweet.
  10. Thanks peeps!!...(y)

    ... Looking forward to comparing it to the big girl (ZZR600). :D