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A nervous night ahead.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gobbledegeek, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. I have my L permit test tommorow and I'm more than a little anxious about the written theory...

    I've lurked and read much here and I'm sure everyone will say the same thing, that I'm worrying about nothing and that it's easy peasy but given past experiences with 'tests' and 'examinations', I am more than a little nervous if the truth be known.

    Please help me get a good night's sleep by offering your hints, tips and advice for a stress-free test day.

    Ta muchly :)
  2. well, i've been told that if u have an egg for breakfast on the morning of a test it's good :grin:

    every test i've ever had where i've had an egg for breakfast i passed......?

    not very scientific i know......

    but hey- good luck anyway.....
  3. Hmmm.......Tomorrow is my son's first day at big boys school so a couple of boiled eggs and soldiers coming up :grin:
  4. Nothing I say will quell your nerves, but just try to look forward to all you will learn.

    The written test is mostly common sense, so take your time to read the questions correctly...You will find that the instructors will 'help' you out if you don't understand the question properly :wink:

    Best of luck :grin:
  5. well...... go to bed and get some rest :p

    then you will be all fresh for the test tomorrow.

    best of luck :grin:
  6. Good advice, thanks. I will remain online for another half hour and then up the wooden hill for me :)
  7. Hey I did the test a few months ago.

    If you have read the Vicroads motorcycle book you will be ok. I don't think anyone of the 30 people failed the written test when I did it. There were a few things in there that were not in the book however its common sense really. One that came up was which hand grip do you push forward to counter steer to the left.
  8. Left? :eek:
  9. Just relax, you have read the book you will be fine. :)
  10. I'll take a positive stance and congratulate you on your L's. Hope it all came together for you.
  11. Thanks! I did and yes, it really was as easy as everyone says it is :grin: :cool:

    I think I'll celebrate with a few pints tonight :cool:

    :grin: :grin:
  13. Congratulations, but remember 00 for bike :wink: :)
  14. Oh yes indeedy! Anyway, I need a bike in order to break any laws :wink: :grin:
  15. I should add that I am not intending to :)
  16. Good work DG :wink:
  17. Thank you MG :wink: :grin:
  18. Did you get a counter steering question?
  19. Nope! Although when it came up in the classroom I did ask questions.
  20. Congrats on the pass :grin: i did my written test on sunday night last week. I'm sorry i didn't see this thread last night otherwise i would've posted.....

    I have my final part of course to go on sunday morning(riding test), so i'm hoping fingers crossed i don't get too flustered (it's gonna be 38deg :shock: ) hopefully the test is over before it gets too hot.

    My bf picked up my bike today.........well scooter actually, and i love it!! :grin: :grin: Can't wait to take it for a real spin on sunday. Just hope it's not too hot for me :)