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A nervous hello from the late 50s

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bayleaf, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Hello to all here.

    I am not a rider yet (nor a spambot.. promise) but in an effort to assert my right to a midlife crisis I have booked a pre-learner course and have been reading around the forum looking for inspiration and guidance. My eventual goal is to explore my new country on two motorised wheels and be very slightly adventurous but for the foreseeable I will be learning the basics. I intend to buy a bike at some point soon but have yet to choose make and model, I will wait until after the course to make my choice but in the meantime will be soaking up some of the vast well of experience here.

    G'day (said with a Yorkshire accent) and thanks in advance.

  2. Welcome, never too late for a mid life crisis. Or to join the motorcycle fraternity. I still can't believe that it's legal to ride motorcycle given the smile it brings every time I ride ;-)
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  3. hey mate what part of Yorkshire you from?
  4. Good for you!
    Never too old ever :)
    Great country for 2 wheels with a little bit of planning and once you get out of the big cities everyone will greet you like a long lost reli and you will battle to get away lol!
    Bikers in Oz are almost always friendly, love to perve at your bike and a natter at the lights with oh, and you better practice your nods so you don't feel like you have special needs when out on a ride ;)
  5. Late 50s? Another youngster, but welcome!
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  6. Good morning. Thanks for the welcome guys, it's good to meet you. Not sure about being a youngster but that will come with the second coffee of the morning. I'm from Sheffield originally but married a beautiful aussie lady and now live very happily in Queanbeyan NSW and am planning on getting even happier very soon.
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    G'day mate (said with Aussie accent)! Welcome. If this is a midlife crisis, you'll be living to close to 120! I won't be all that far behind.
    You are embarking on one of the best secrets ever! Good luck with the learner phase.
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  8. Thanks Petesul, longevity is a the core of the late mid life, beats a healthy diet any day. Just need to keep the shiny side up.
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  9. Welcome to NR.
  10. Welcome... looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Eee by gum lad, you're never to old to ride or make Yorkshire puds
  13. Remember that when you have a P plate you're officially a teenager again. Almost another 7 months for me.
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    Yep stefankstefank just waiting for the zits as well lol!
    Trouble is no one told me that I would actually become a teenage bike-crazed boy (with big boobs!) ;) ha.
    Crossing off the days until off my dratted Poobs...gotta while though -Nov 26...like a kid it seems like an eternity t me :(

    Welcome Bayleaf and enjoy your ride! :D
  15. Welcome Bayleaf!
  16. Only Nov 3 for me, and three months out of the country soon will take my mind off almost half of that.
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  17. A little update from me. I did the pre-learner course last weekend, did the knowledge test and got the L licence on Monday morning then headed off to the bike shop and, on Wednesday, took delivery of my shiny new tu250. Discretion being the better part of valour, I took my trailer to collect it then started riding my local side streets and by Friday, was wobbling out into the traffic proper. I had other commitments over the weekend just passed so the learning process will continue later today and, if the warm up laps go well, I might even dare the big road to the next suburb... But only if I can get back before the evening rush.
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  18. Fantastic news BayleafBayleaf! Tu is a nice bike as well. I did most of my learning outside of peak hour and found it was a good strategy which worked really well. Enjoy and keep practicing! :happy:
  19. A hearty Aussie welcome, bayleaf! You'll be zipping through the traffic, provoking a mixture of frustration and jealously from all and sundry, in no time.....