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A "near miss" of the other kind...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. ALWAYS head-check before you split - ALWAYS...

    On the way home, just about to carve up the traffic and did the obligatory head-check before moving into the line.
    There's another bike but he's a few cars back so it's all good - move over and away we... WAIT A SECOND!
    ALL STOP!! And I did, with my front wheel just past the back of the first car, on the dashed line. No mans land...

    For that's a big white bike carrying a rider wearing a white helmet, and he's about to have me for afternoon tea :D
    He knew what I was doing, and I knew he knew it. He was giving me the big exaggerated "Oh no you don't" shake of the head, so I walked myself backwards into position, loosened my belt and commenced sphincter-relaxation exercises.
    He got in behind me on the green, but then zoomed past after about 500 metres and didn't bother with me any further!

    So I chased him from Homebush to Canterbury Road.
    He knew I was behind him obviously, but didn't mind at all that I was "keeping up" with him.

    So I pulled up next to him for a chat at Canterbury Road.
    Why? Because he was riding a Goldwing with a Victorian plate! I'm a curious cat, me, and he'd already passed my attitude test...

    Turns out they're trialling a bunch of bikes, and he'd picked it up that morning; spent the day tooling around Sydney, and was off on a 5-day tour down the South Coast tomorrow...
    What did he think of it? To paraphrase him a little, it's an awesome machine and he'd love one for the weekends. He showed me how it knocks in and out of gear without so much as a click, which really impressed him.
    But for the work he does it's no good - he said all the size and weight means he "really has to concentrate" on carving up traffic, "like you just saw me do when you were behind me..."

    So there you go - a near miss of a different kind!
    And the moral of the story kiddies, of course, is to ALWAYS head-check before you start to split - you never know who you might end up chatting to ;)
  2. That's a fantastic story.

    So they're only hiring 60 year old + motorcycle cops now?
  3. Hard to be sure with the helmet on, but now that you mention it he was about my age I reckon - mid to late 30's...
  4. there is a goldwing dealer down in ferntree gully on burwood highway just before tecoma, victoria's only goldwing dealer.
  5. That's nice dear...
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