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A n00b doing Ls this weekend!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Simmo W, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, what a great forum! Just thought I'd say hi, I'm Simon down here at Mentone, Melbourne way.

    So excited to be doing my learners course this weekend, don't care what the weather looks like.

    I've been shopping around looking at some new learners bikes, trying on a few as I'm a reasonably tall guy, 6'2" and hardly light at 100kg.

    My mate in the USA is to blame for this adventure, being an ex-motorcycle cop from Texas (boy does he have some great stories!). He's a mad BMW owner, 1200GS, what a big bike that looks.

    In the end I've fallen in love with the Honda CB500 xa, I like the upright position and room for my stick-insect legs. I was leaning towards the BMW 650GS but after trawling the forums, I've heard the Honda is more reliable and probably a better road bike (I doubt I'll ever go off-road).

    Hope I'm making the right decision!

    Now I'm wondering how to get the new bike home. If I get the bike from Peter Stevens in the city, should I brave the trip home? Or get it delivered home first?

    Seeya 'round the traps. Assuming I pass!
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  2. Hi and welcome to NR Simmo WSimmo W . Good luck with your learners and don't forget to let us know how you go. As I learner, I chose not to ride my first bike home and got it delivered (privately bought), however my son picked up his brand spanker from the CBD and rode it home no problems despite my protests although he's a pretty capable lad. It's very much up to how confident you feel.
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  3. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  4. Thanks chaps, hmm lets see how the weekend goes!
  5. Never been called a chap before, lol.
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  6. G'day mate, enjoy your ride. If you do choose to pick up your bike, do it on the weekend so you're out of peak traffic, and pick the quietest time of day.
  7. Oh dear, so 'chap' is very wrong eh?! Sorry guys/blokes/cobbers!
  8. Oh and good advice re picking up during a quieter time. If that still happens in Melbourne
  9. Lol that particular 'chap' is a 'chick' hence her comment... All good!
  10. welcome aboard :] good luck with your learners :] as has been mentioned by the others getting it home depends how confident you feel if you do ride it home Id be going for a non peak period or get it delivered and then ride it locally till your used to it
  11. Oh Jeeze, now I've really put my foot in it! Nah I didn't realise you were a gal Golden. Good to see a few on the forum, I reckon chicks on bikes are ace. Thanks for the welcome!
  12. G'day SimmoSimmo and welcome to Netrider. The CB500XA is an excellent bike for taller riders and of course is a Honda so should be very reliable too. All the best with your Learner rider course this weekend.
  13. Welcome Simmo,
    As others have mentioned, it really just comes down to how you feel after your learners etc.
    I picked up my first bike, but my partner had hers delivered.
    Starting off in the city, and then heading out to Mentone will be a bit of an adventure.
    Make sure you plan your route carefully and memorise it so that you know when you need to change lanes and prepare for corners etc.
    Don't try it at peak hour.
  14. Do you know anyone you'd trust, to ride it home for you?

    Other option is just to chuck it on a trailer and enjoy it in your garage first. Then nice easy adventures in your local streets on a quiet afternoon.

    Before you know, it'll be w/end rides in the hills.

    Rubber side down, mate.
  15. Had a ball at the first day's training today, even if the weather was pretty wet- good practice eh!

    Handled everything fine, though I found the slow speed run very hard, a bit wobbly due to my high centre of gravity. But plenty of time to practice tomorrow. Our trainer David was excellent
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  16. Yay. Passed my L's today, now I can wear the orange vest of Shame, with pride! I was as nervous as crap but managed to calm down enough
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  17. Great to hear. Welcome to a lifetime of addiction. Stay safe.
  18. well done :finger: welcome to your new addiction