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A myriad of ****ups

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, May 21, 2012.

  1. Don't ride like this.

    1. Mohawks are stupid. Don't wear mohawks. Very important.

    2. Don't dangle your inner foot off the peg in corners.

    3. Damn, your foot touched the ground. See #2.

    4. Don't stand the bike up because your foot touched the ground.

    5. ****, you already stood it up. But you aren't doing much else. Tip it back in, wash off some speed? Something.

    6. Don't wait until you are on the dirt to apply front brake.

    7. Fuuuuuuuuuu

    Don't ride like this.
  2. Dangling the inside foot isn't ideal, but I don't think that was the major. About the same moment her foot touched down, she had a moderate front end lose and recovery, which was what stood her up. From there, as you called it. Not much time - tip the bike back in. Instead, she went for the picks - with predictable results.

    So many people crash, on that one corner... And yet other people can get their elbow down there. The grip can't be all that bad. It could be something like all the previous corners are a bit more open, and don't go around as far. That one is virtually a hairpin. So, the quicker riders have been at knee-down lean angles all the way, and slow down as required to make this one, but the noobs have been at slight to moderate lean angles, getting braver as they go along. Then they get to this one and tip in at about the same speed, and need to lean harder and for longer. I reckon some of them have big chicken strips entering the corner, and run onto virgin rubber half way around.
  3. Foot touches ground, craps self and bins it!
  4. Ouch! Just watching that front wheel lock up in the dirt makes me cringe!

    (whats with the firetruck at the end?)
  5. Firetrucks have first response training in much of the U.S, they'll respond to accidents if not tasked to other incidents.

    Although in this case it seems the ambos got there first.
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  7. Did her foot even touch? Looked to me like the front end slide was what started that sequence.
  8. I think the Mohawk acted as a control surface and caught the wind....

    This made the rider:
    1- Lift his head
    2- Look at the dirt
    3- The more he looked - the more the Mohawk kept turning his head
    4- He kept looking
    5- He landed EXACTLY where he wanted to

    Mohawks are clearly a precision instrument
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  9. That was pretty grim riding.
  10. Great vids, awesome

    MT1 vid was frightening towards the end when cars joined the action
  11. Ouch. Lot of good the oggy knob did.
  12. Yep, unfortunately you can't get oggy knobs for your head. Also unfortunately, the mohawk appears to have come through unscathed...
  13. I meant that it didn't do a very good job protecting the bike, the mounting plate for the thing snapped and bent by the looks of it... guess they are designed to slide on tar and not dig into dirt though...
  14. They do here in Melbourne too, important to note if you have called for medical assistance and the firemen turn up. Don't waste time arguing with them that you didn't call the fire brigade, take them to the injured person.