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A Motorcycle with Real Balls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Literally.

    Certainly an interesting an idea, and would basically rewrite the book on motorcycle handling. Of course that assumes they can get it to work, rather than just creating an expensive and impractical novelty (like the Segway).

  2. That's a siht load of frame!
    Any suspension? Not that I could see
  3. :-s First photo clearly shows a spring/shock on the front, and the other two photos show one on the rear as well (it's the only red bit in the second photo).

    They don't look to be all that big, but then the bike is far from final concept.
  4. And then you can ride it to the beach, take the wheels off and............

  5. These guys should be concentrating on building hover cars, it's 2012. I should be hovering to work not waiting for someone to make a motoballmobile.
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  6. this is like genesis, give it 20 years at least then lets see where we are.
  7. well, I know Phill Collins has got balls, but Peter Gabriel? not so much.:-w
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  8. you wouldn't want to get your balls caught between a truck & a hard place!
  9. having a motorballs bike does seem very 90's, but still something different and its putting some weight to the "its how i roll" phrase.

    Saw the hover bikes in mcn, would be cool if they actually put one into production.
  10. The first bike drifter? Broadsiding on hard surfaces on wooden balls, that takes balls of steel.

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