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A Motorcycle Spurned

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Some bikes are the definition of faithful. But are we in return? Were I to describe the Suzuki GR650 I'd call her that. Our relationship started casually, but became ongoing when the SR500 got too much, making me late for work so often, and refusing to start as I kicked furiously. The GR has an electric start and with some choke has never let me down. Commuting every day, long rides on the weekend. Absolutely, faithfully reliable.

    I thought about this on the day of our last commute. So reliable, so faithful, like a friend and lover. Not that I'm faithful – lucky she's not sentient because I had just replaced her with a younger bike, the Hornet 600 (or “Whorenet!” as the GR squealed). What could I do? - I was offered that bike for very little money.

    So at 2am I finished work, mounted “Old Faithful” to ride her one last time, perhaps with tears in our eyes, and sentimentally ran my hand across her curves, to turn her on. I pulled onto the road...and she stalled! Then wouldn't start. I changed the plugs, push-started her. Nothing! And now a flat battery added to the problem.

    So on the last night this 100% trouble-free commuter, this lady, whose faithfulness I did not reward in kind, made clear it was more than impersonal mechanics that made her so. She left me stranded at 2am and I had to walk home! Back to my cheap Whorenet! She hopes it makes me happy!
  2. Matt, if you haven't seen it, move heaven and earth to see a British (Ealing Studios) movie from 1955 called "The Ship That Died of Shame". I have always believed ships have souls; and lately, I think my "old girl" (97 Yammie XJ900S Diversion) has one too.

    Quote from the movie (the narrator): I know about ships. They're wood and metal and nothing else. They don't have souls. They don't have wills of their own. And they don't talk back.
  3. Love your writing, Matt :). I'm sure vehicles know when you're going to replace them :?
  4. My Ninja 250 did not do this to me - but I don't think I gave it an opportunity to know what was going on. :) I just sort of stopped by Honda one morning, totally unplanned, and traded it on the spot for a CB400 after a test ride.

    Ninja never even saw it coming... :'(
  5. Now you've really got me worried. I'm in the process of disposing of a vehicle that I've owned for more than a quarter of a century. The emotional decision was hard, but I fear the physical process is likely to be even worse...
  6. They really have personalities don't they?

    On the bright side Matt, you've got a ripper little bike in the shape of the Whore net.

    But I love what adxdopefish says about just sneaking the trade or sale up on it. We'll have to have a look at the GR (Argh, so many cylinders!) and see about getting her running so you can sell her. Just ad "Cafe" to the title of the ebay auction and people will spend serious money on the old girl!
  7. Regardless of your personal experiences with the Suzuki, most who have had any contact with them are unanimous in saying that they were a boat anchor in search of a boat.
  8. The bike certainly has it's limits, which is maybe a result of trying to be all things to all men. There's a few get round here, probably because the army sold their old ones off. The owners tend to be fans. My only real criticism is it needed a sixth gear for the highway. The dual-flywheel is...excellent! I reckon they should re-introduce the bike, as a dual-sport cruiser!

    Cycle World loved it

    (Here I am defending her. But, "I don't need you to defend me! Away from me! Off to your transverse four play, you sicko!")