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a motorcycle club, boxed me in, in my car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by synrgy, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Well i was on my way to my girlfriends house last night from my place in epping. I get to pacific HWY and i;m waiting paitiently at the lights to turn right onto boundary rd which eventually turns into Warringah Rd.

    There is a porshe behind me and im at the front of the lights. I hear some harleys come up behind the porshe. Im thinking cool, a few bikies going for a ride. Then a couple past me on my left and block the traffic on pacific hwy going towards the city. They are passing me on my left through the turn. I get onto Boundary rd and the first set of lights are red. I stop in the centre lane of 3, they surround me. On my left, on my right, right behind me and a couple pull up in front of me. Im thinking what am i meant to do now, there were hundreds of bikes. :shock:

    Lights go green and they take off, i slowly move over to the right lane whilst they are taking up all of the 2 left lanes and they are also still right behind me in the right lane. The next few sets of light were green, i see the next set coming up start to turn orange but about 4 riders have already blocked traffic so all the bikes can get through. Lights go red, ive got bikes up my a55 i cannot stop so i drift through the red with them. What else was i meant to do :?:

    Across rosville bridge i was still surrounded by them, they are passing me, im trying to stay out of there way. The next set of lights has a red light camera, i think to myself i aint going through that light, as we come up to the light, the go orange :shock: I think about what the hell i do now, they have already blocked the traffic from passing. I decide not to go through this red, i tap my brakes to alert the riders behind me and i slowly pull up and wait at the red. The guys behind me pull off to my left and pass me. I see about 50-70 more bikes pass through the light. When the last few get through the bikies blocking the traffic take off.

    I could see the car on the left of the intersection constantly creep forward toward the rider that was blocking traffic, I think he was getting pissed off that they blocked his way.

    Today i head down to manly beach with my girl and who do i see ? About 10 of the group walking somewhere or other.

    Im not a big guy, 177cm 72kgs. I wasnt scared i was just worried about hitting one of them.
  2. sounds like you did well, thats some scary shit when you see some of em like that
  3. So you're saying that on one occasion a whole group rode through red lights and once through a red light camera??

    What's the betting no-one is fined or prosecuted???
  4. Shady situation. If it happened to me I'd just go real slow from the lights so everyone went past.
  5. Sounds like a harly poker run or somethign like that.

    I may have been in a group that swams over the road and goes through red lights, it's brilliant fun :LOL:

    Simple thing to do is, sit back and let them pass. Dont change lanes unless you have to, give them plenty of room to get in front of you at lights so all their buddies can get to the front of the lights.

    Its simple, nothing malicious about it or scarey. Heck, even slow down a bit, let them all easily over take.
  6. you did the right thing.
    i would have pulled out of the pack slowly at the first red light, but eventually you did the right thing. :)

  7. Yeh, every set of lights a few of them would block the other traffic at teh intersections so the whole group could go through. They didnt care when their lights went red.
  8. yep, and this is very, very common. i could not count the times i have experienced this.
    it is unlawful, but what can you do?
  9. hehe maybe the learners ride could take note
  10. Just go slow and wave them passed.
    Guess who the cops would have grabbed if they'd seen you going through red lights? :wink:
  11. and they're 1 %percenters% hey :D :D

    i'd love to see the reaction the cops would have if they seen it... they'd be thinking someone stealing their job !!

    i guess it's worth 3 points hey :p (unless they someone don't receive fines heh)
  12. Re: an outlaw motorcycle club, boxed me in, in my car

    That would be a very bad mistake if you decided to hit one.
  13. if you ever get caught in that situation , just indicate and slowly make your way to the side of the road and let them go past.
    They dont want a car in the middle of the pack as its not safe so they will make room for you too move.

    well done anyway
  14. I've seen a club/gang do this along the Pacific highway at Gordon. They pulled out of the Ryde Road and blocked the traffic for a few minutes while they made their turn, even after the light had turned to red (for them) they were still pulling out. They just block the road by parking bikes along the other lanes...
  15. Re: an outlaw motorcycle club, boxed me in, in my car

    This is a distance of I'd guess around three to four kms - so how many bikies were there? One hell of a long time to be boxed in :?

    Although traffic does get bogged down there sometimes, if you really wanted to let them get away from you am sure you could have slowed down as ity is three lanes all the way through there
  16. Yoikes, I would've moved right outta there way - if not pulled over and let them past.
  17. They do that around here too when there is a large group and they want to keep them all together.

    But I think I would have felt a bit nervous, don't know about threatened, and tried to get out of there way to let them through.

    Or maybe you could have pulled to the side and blocked the traffic for them, let them through and then had some new friends :wink:
  18. Re: an outlaw motorcycle club, boxed me in, in my car

    There would of been hundreds of them, around 200 i reckon.

    I moved over to the furthest right lane because they were all passing on my left. I stuck at the speep limit. I didnt know if i should slow right down to let them pass or if i should stick at the limit, Didnt know what would piss them off. And yeh it was pretty far i was next to them.
  20. if you went through the camera you couldnt get done, as law states you must stop on the yellow only if safe to do so, if the camera got you it would have gotten a nice pic of bikes up your rear end, it isnt safe to stop