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a month in the garage - tips

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. i've read an article about how to go about prepping your bike up for a a long period of time of idle-ness, but i'm just wondering if you guys have any special tricks/procedures?

    other than loaning the bike to a learner?:D

  2. Wouldn't be idle then :D:
    If the article is from the US or England then some of the advice may not apply given their extremes of cold and damp. Our climate is much kinder in these situations.
  3. um... make sure its inside?
    turn fuel line off.
    vented sheet over bike

    really don't think i'd loan mine to a learner. if anyone is gonna drop it and fcuk it up ITS GONNA BE ME :!: :!: :!: :D
  4. my fuel tap doesn't have an 'off' position as i recently found out :D
  5. Neither does my ZZR. I was wondering the same thing just the other day. How exactly would you 'store' your bike for a short period of time (~1-2 months) or would you just park it around the back of the house and throw a cover over it.
  6. hey Josh, I got space in the garage if you need.....
  7. one thing to do is either make sure your fuel tank is empty and dry, or full of fuel. Both will help prevent rust build up due to condensation.
  8. Cosi, leave it on 'ON' then.
  9. and if you do leave the tank full, take it off and empty it completely and refill with fresh fuel when you bring the bike back into service....
  10. what about for a year or so? would the tyres be stuffed after sitting for that long (even off the bike)? i imagine all the fluids would need to be replaced, and probably the battery. anything else to consider?

    what would you need to do before starting it up after that long?
  11. I'd think about putting the battery on a trickle charger. Disconnecting it if necessary. :D
  12. you'd have to get it fully serviced, and yeh fluids

    stop hijacking my thread ashole :D
  13. Tips for storing bikes

    1 store in garage out of sunlight, rubbers tyres etc grommets and sleeves will harden and crack on exposure to uv.

    2 Fill tank with petrol and place fuel preserver in tank avaialable from lawn mower shops etc as most modern fuels go off after 6 weeks.

    3 wash and clean bike totally and sray wd 40 etc around wheel bearings and swing arm linkages etc.

    4 infalte tyres to 38 40 rear and 36 38 front to stop flat spots etc another way is to place on centre stand and block front wheel up using a packer under crank case.

    5 Oil change the bike just before storage day if you can

    6 if its winter time pull plugs and spray wd 40 into bores put bike in 1 st gear and spin motor over a couple of times to coat bores place plugs back in finger tight and leave igniton leads off.

    7 get a trickle charger for the battery ( get the right size as many versions around )remove from bike at the same time clean any corrosion from the frame / mountings etc and connect and forget.

    These are fantastic 6 years from a 15 dollar second hand battery and it fires a laveda triple like a 250 mine has leads from battery to charger so as soon as mine is parked it takes 2 seconds to lift seat and plug in

    8 Spray wd 40 up exhaust pipe

    9 cover bike with a breating type cover.

    Important note type out what you did on a list and stick it to the handlebars so you dont forget to reconnect battery tighten plugs reconnect ignition leads etc this by the way makes the harder to nick

    Good luck
  14. Good idea to take the battery out of the bike if storing it, especially if connecting to a trickle charger - this way if the battery should happen to leak it won't make a mess of the bike.
  15. a. comon man hurry up and hot wire his bike so we can get out of here
    b. I'm tryin
    a. oh look at this list man..
    b. FCUK THAT,
    a. too right.
    b. Lets take his car instead.

  16. haha..
    nice 1 figgy
  17. Even i cant stop laughing at that one :LOL: :LOL:
  18. thanks for the tips brucey

  19. Actually it does. On virtually all modern bikes it is a vacuum tap, which means that 'ON' is actually 'OFF' until the engine starts and suction opens the tap. Thats why there is a 'PRIME' position to make sure it can start. 'Prime' simply bypasses the 'ON' position (which is actually OFF), to make a real, if temporary, 'ON'.........simple huh
  20. i always have it on prime

    does that mean it would start easier on "ON" position?