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a moment of silence, please

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. last night around 10pm, while she was at work, my boss's Shadow Saber was hit by a presumably drunk driver in a work ute. it was parked on the side of the road in a residential area, and was dragged against the gutter until it hit a telegraph pole and finally came to a rest. the driver has continued to try and drive the ute around the corner, with a broken axle and a collapsed wheel dragging on the road, where he has parked it on the side of the road and locked it. Police had no trouble following the drag marks, and I presume will be speaking to him today about it.

    it was insured, but she was in a bad state last night.
    the world just became a lot less shiny with all that binned chrome :(
  2. :eek: :shock: i am so sorry for her loss...
  3. Shattered. At least he didn't get away.
  4. Damn drunks.

    For a second when a started reading though I thought the world lost a 125 :shock:
  5. nope, God looks after italian 2-strokers.
    He used to have a Mito himself, when he was on his restrictions
  6. Hurray for beer!

    Good to hear about the insurance though.
  7. hope they catch the b*stard
  8. A moment of Silence?? On Netrider??

    Who are you kidding? :LOL:
  9. ha!

    the bike-killer has since reported his ute as "stolen"
    Police won't be finger-printing it for some stupid reason.
  10. probably because he can put u a really good arguemnt saying " of course my prints are in the car ITS MY CAR!"
  11. if a thief had really stolen the ute, his prints would be over the top of the owner's prints. and if he was wearing gloves, he would have rubbed the owner's prints off leaving blank spaces.

    i'm 96% sure this guy is a lying bastard, and 4% sure someone stole his keys for a joyride. let's not completely rule out the innocence of the Bike Killer
  12. to true, we do live in an inocent until proven guilty society.
  13. I was being sarcastic.
    we're going to lynch the bastard in the street

  14. HEY, i resemble that remark :mad:
  15. :twisted: free beer and bbq at my place afterwards
  16. + bike = mate... pass meee a beeer!
  17. edit : dbl post :oops:
  18. you mean 'wake'
  19. a mito huh, next time you come out, ill get a mito along to be friends with your bike. whilst mine can be the awkward looking jap kid sitting in a corner silently plotting against the euros... if you still have a licence that is !
  20. my bike's not prejudiced, it plays with all other bikes. even the jap-crap zxr250s that beat it in drag races :D

    we have a HAPPY ENDING everyone
    the police have pursuaded the driver to admit the car wasn't stolen, and he has been charged with making a false claim. Which means Justice has Prevailed. sleep safe tonight kids, everything's going to be OK.