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A modern work of art

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I know this is multimedia, but it's not about bikes, but the evolution of beauty of another sort.

    There are some very clever people in our world, wouldn't you agree??


    {The Bach cello music in the background doesn't hurt, either :LOL:}.
  2. That was great! Would have taken a fair bit of effort I assume...interesting that it finishes on Halle Berry... :wink:
  3. what i find interesting is that if it weren't for the hair and make-up differences the fundamental facial structure doesn't change much at all! as science tells us, beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder at all. there's a commonality in how people across the planet perceive beauty, and what this clip shows us is across time too!
  4. Indeed; I found it fascinating on two levels, both as a life-long appreciator of beautiful faces and an admirer of the computer skills required to produce the clip.

    On the first, given that most of the faces were film stars or models, I guess it was a biased sample, because those sorts of faces tend to be chosen because they ARE those sorts of faces.. and the film-maker stayed within those lines.

    But you are right, I think; more often than not the face the grabs you in the street is the classic film-star face, even though it is not the only beautiful face.

    A poll, perhaps, the most beautiful face in the world? My vote would be the luminous Michelle Pfeiffer :).
  5. A prefered beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I'd seen a docco on this a while ago, and here is a site that briefly explains it;


    But its all on, size of features and the distance to other features.
  6. I think it was called "the face" with John Cleese and Liz Hurley....

    On top of facial structure, there's also colouring. Oppositional colouring is supposedly the most alluring e.g. Jennifer Connolley has dark hair and pale eyes, and Gwen Stefani has pale hair and dark eyes. Also "unusual" colour combinations like dark skinned people with green eyes.

    My vote would have to go to a young Elizabeth Taylor.
  7. paul wrote

    oh paul [wipes away a tear] i'm so proud!

    everyone has different taste tho. i think it has more to do with smell than anything else [attraction that is] but then theres my ex...

    i didnt go WOE! when i first saw him at all. a year later we were living together. attraction can come from within [surpised me too] if a person is super intelligent, wise etc it can draw an attraction for the person as aposed to a good looking meat head.

    hears proof
    \/ by the way, this is the ugliest you will see stump. hair makes all the dif.

  8. Very cool pic, now name them all! :LOL: I reckon I could name about 10, that's all. :oops:
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    lol i disagree. i reckon ur display pic looks shit compared with the bald you. :wink: :p

    and beauty is definately in the eye of the beholder. ive known mates (male and female) to date things that require paper bags if going out in public (lol i know a lil harsh), but they still see so much in them. beauty definately goes more than skin deep :)
  10. That's cool Hornet600!

    Kinda spun me out a little :tantrum:
  11. Yeah, I am still enjoying it...

    And Jax, I didn't title the original film, that was done by the person who made it, so the 'evolution' belongs to someone else :p :LOL:.
  12. I have to admit, Michelle Pfieffer is an absolute stunner and even more so now that she has said that she doesn't want plastic surgery.
  13. c'mon Paul, what about hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Now as far as I am concerned she has the most gorgeous face outside my wife and daughters! :LOL:
  14. you took the words right out of my mouth, Katherine hepburn and Sinead OConnor do it for me every time
  15. That's why the whole thing is so subjective; I could give a dozen other names too, but I decided to make just one choice.

    (Same applies to bikes, too, eh?)
  16. She gets bonus points for being Aussie :LOL:.