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A Mixed Weekend

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by stewy, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Well it all started about 2 weeks ago when dave (booga) said he was heading up to manisfield, to catch up with some mates who ride dirt bikes and was i interested in tagging along.

    Well off course any weekend away on the bikes is a good weekend, so when i asked which way was he planning on heading up and he said well if it's just me i will go the hwy, well i said if i am riding up to mansfield i am not riding 2hrs in a straight line.....so i said i know how we can get there and that was that.

    Well as the weekend got closer and closer the weather got shittier and shittier, friday night rolls around and dave is like ok so are you coming or not (get ya heads outta the gutter).....well waking saturday morning to see blue skys i make the call at 8.00 and say yep i will see ya at macca in bayswater at 9.30. So a mad dash around the house throwing camping gear together packed and on the bike.....pull up at macca no dave, fark me arriving at a meet point before anyone else, that has to be a first :cheeky:

    Anyway quick chat (fuel and tyres) both bikes packed as normal and ready to leave.

    Out to healsville through and onto the spur, i watch dave disappear into the distance behind only to notice another bike clsoing quickly, prefect i thought i might have a little fun but alas no, that bunny i reckon must of been a local as they passed me, i tried to tag on, and managed for all of about 2 turns before better judgement set in as i figured wearing textiles, with a bike loaded with camping gear trying to chase down a bloke in full leathers on a gsxr who probably, from the looks of things, knew the road slightly better then me, just wasn't going end well....so he dropped me, and i continued along at my grandma pace, rounding up cars and other bikes before stopping to wait for dave at the other end.....

    Well up the road and through a few more twisties and only a handful of cars so we made good pace :dance: A stop for lunch and the dark rain clouds where now starting to roll. The usual bullshit stories over a chicken and chips for dave and burger for myself before suiting back up for the afternoon section.

    Well back into the twisties and before long i am back riding by myself, cruising along listening to the rumble of the sv as we make our way through some twisties....

    Well when you gap your riding buddies it means you gotta stop to take the pics so here is a few pics of dave though not great. (bugger thought i got the camera switched to action mode but i didn't)
  2. Anyway not long now and we make our way to daves favorite part of the day a dirt road, (he just loves them on the cbr600f4i):bolt: hehe

    Almost all the way through the dirt when it's starts to lightly rain, (lucky, cos i would never of lived it down if we got caught on the dirt in a heavy downpour) back onto the road and head to manisfield at more suitable speed for the conditions.

    Fuel up and call the dirtbikers, they are all there and all but finished riding for the day and about to head back to camp, so a quick stop at the bottle'O for a 6 pack each and head to camp.

    The night was spent shinking piss and talking shit (no different to any other bike gathering i have been too)

  3. Next morning awake to a overcast sky, and pack up the wet tents and get set for a spin on the dirtbikes.

    The next 4-5hrs just fly by as the dirty's allow us both to take there bikes out for a spin.....The bikes were a Berg, a crf, drz, and a klx (all 450 i think) was quite a fun experience with both dave and myself having one lowside each :-w It was interesting to ride all the bikes back to back and really get quite a feel for how different each one was and then compare it to the more experience guys opinions, but like everything else opinions are like :butt: everyone has one.

    Well a shake hands and thanks for a top weekend, and allowing us to ride the bikes, we head for home. With the clearing sky i decide to head for the twisties well dave figures it's getting late in the day and decided to boot it down the hwy.

    Well the ride home was just unbelievable, never have i felt so in one and at peace with the bike in the twisties (for me i normally really have to work at staying relaxed, and keeping my arms loose etc...) but today it was, i guess the best way to describe it was like i was just floating in the clouds. I can't remember any bumps in the road (and i know there is) my lines just came together it was just a magically afternoon and i reckon my tyres also noticed that as they looked well err a bit used :-w (here the only pic i toke on the way i home and this was in the dirt section)



    All in all i had a blast of a weekend, from the roads to dirt and back to roads and to dave cheers for another top weekend and for riding within your limits, and it's something i wish more rider would do, as stopping to grab a pic of a slower riding is so much better then having to pick up and tape together a busted bike.

    Bring on summer for many more of these weekend

    cheers stewy :beer:
  4. Some nice shots there stewy, looks like u had some nice weather. How did the sv go on the dirt....
  5. Envy, envy, weather or not, sounds like it certainly was fun, and good for your skills too....
  6. Nice write up mate! :)
  7. Good read!

  8. the naked sv actually handles dirt and sand quite well imo, i've done quite a few trips on dirt (and mud) sections now and only once was it a real handful but that has been after i mounted 25kg motor hanging to one side and i am sure that is what made it handle so poorly but on dry dirt she flys :woot: powersliding outing of every turn and the way the twin puts it power down i am sure helps too
  9. Good reading mate !
    Looks and sounds like a great time was had.
    Dunno how you guys can handle a road bike on dirt .. I 'shudder' at the thought.