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A missed opportunity?? damn you IPOD damn yoouuu !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I wear my IPOD Video while riding.

    While riding into work today there was a scooter chic on a Bug Expresso infront of me at a set of lights. How did I know it was a chic . . well, its the female body form in a leather jacket (as most of you guys know ;)) and the fact her blonde hair was exposed under her helmet and she was wearing snazzy scooter slip-on shoes - essentially a typical Sydney scooter chic. I noticed she had a Buell over-shoulder backpack on also which tells me she is on her commuter !!

    Anyway, at the next set of lights a block away from my office we get caught on the red again and we end up next to each other. I'm acting the cool dark tinted visor dude on the Ducati not even taking notice of her !

    Get this . . she looks over to me, and I gentlemanly (lol) give her a knod !

    She then flips her visor up and says something !!

    "mumble mumble mumble"
    . . .you see, I have my IPOD on with Kickstart my Heart playing and the loud Termignoni exhausts making it almost impossible for me to hear what she said !!

    She said all this with THAT smile on her face . . you know THAT smile !! . .the dudes here would know what i mean !! :grin:

    I lean over and apologize telling her I can't hear her because I have my IPOD on.

    DAMN-IT !!!!!

    She says - "Thats fine" . . I worked that one out with her mouth movement and gives that air pat of the hand !

    What the F did she say !!!!!!

    For all I know it could have been, "hey nice bike i'd like to have your babies" :LOL: . . . . .


    When the lights turn green, I let her go ahead of me as I was about to pull into my parking spot. She gives me a good-bye wave !!! Like WTF !!! I could not even understand what she said and now she acknowledges that we shared a moment !!! :LOL:

    goddamn IPOD !!!

    Was this a missed opportunity or what !!!!
  2. Ah, that's my cousin. She just called me about this!!

    She said "If I wasn't lesbian, I would have truely taken back to my place for the ride of your life for a life time"

    *time to wake up* Dreams are cool huh? :grin:
  3. "I just dropped 50c into your plumber's crack. Put it towards new pants."
  4. That is a very special moment right there. :) So let me guess, tomorrow your are going to camp out on the side of the road and wait till this scoot putts past then out of nowhere you end up next to hear like it was ment to be. This time with no ipod, she will swoon, you will both walk off into the sunset (because we all know it is faster to walk than it is to ride a scooter :) ). It is ment to be :grin:

    Either that or she was saying... "Excuse me do you tihnk you could keep it down" with a sarcastic smile and the wave was actually her flipping you off. :grin:

    Maybe your words are better left as a mystery. :grin:
  5. yep, thats right Laurie . . . on the look out for an orange Bug Expresso ! :LOL:

    I think I really need to get that Sportcity and infiltrate the scooter community ! hahahahha ! :p

    The Buell back pack intrigues me !
    She may be a hardcore biker on weekends ! :eek:
  6. She actually said, "My Bug Expresso can crap all ovet that red Duck" :wink:
  7. "Why don't you get a real twin you italian riding snob"
  8. this is the only thing you get a :applause: from me for !

    You need to get a pair of earphones that has adjustable volume on the leads ;)
  9. Cmon Micky! everyone knows you aren't going to get that kind of reaction with only 620 CC's!

    I mean, the girls all say it's not the size that counts, but we all know that's just to make the 'smaller' guys feel better :p

    I bet she said "My Buell is twice as big as that!"

    She was thinking "Damn the Firebolt would kill that thing from these lights, I gotta stop riding this whimpy scootah!"


    ::EDIT:: HAHAHAHA look at all the micky-bashing while I was posting this msg, now I feel a little weak!

    not weak enough to edit the Micky-bash though :p
  10. It is entirely possible she said...

    "My boyfriend has a bike JUST like that one!... he looks better in his jacket though."


    "Oh cool! You ride a scooter too!"


    "Is that an iPod in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see a female rider?"


    "I love that song."


    "You sure ride that big Duke well... you know... for a little bloke."

  11. Yeah but I know a certain Netrider chicky that wears a Ducati leather jacket and rides an Across... so that backpack don't really mean much :wink:

    :rofl: nice one :LOL:

    poor MickyB... you'll just never know... :twisted:

  12. For the record,
    I carry my IPOD on my jacket breast pocket ! :grin:
    And its a IPOD Video, not an IPOD Nano ! :eek: hahahaha

    And I was ignoring her to begin with dark visor :cool: , looking straight ahead like a typical stuck up Italian bike rider ! LOL . . . . . . . I love this bike !!

    c'mon fellas, there was THAT smile that came with the chat !!
    I'm sure she didn't flip me, it was a genuine wave !!!
    She initiated the chat . . . and it was I who initally brushed her off . . . . . I also blame the bike for the attenzione! :p

  13. "THAT" smile might have been pure sympathy :p
  14. +1
  15. shut up you ! :p

    Remember Tim that you'll be riding with other Monster riders this Sunday.
    Oooops, I forgot to tell you that !
    . . . . look out for more sympathy smiles ! LOL
    Your street-fighterised Fudgie better have cred !! :rofl:
  16. My suggestion is this... She is most definatly going to be there tommorow if you both goto work at same time... Just park on the side of the road and pretend to do something LOL Then as she rides past you can do the whole... "Fancy seeing you here" thing...

    Stupido Ducati motociclista, compri una nuova moto :biker:

    Ducati, Scooter... Che cosa è la differenza? :p :p :p
  17. That's Ok, because of the cancer in my mirrors, I won't be able to make them out anyway!

    I'm thinking of calling the FJ the Ducati Monster, along the same lines of the Cookie Monster..

  18. Ok, here's the go.
    Micky: you and I will camp out on whatever intersection you saw her.

    When she comes in range, I will run out and get hit by her scoot (It can't be any worse than a 30km/h office chair)...that should slow her down a bit.

    Then you ride up and kick my ass, demonstrating how much of a man you are by defending small scooter chicks against drunken pirates.
    She will be smitten.

    No idea this good could possibly fail!
  19. ^^^ and it's not r@pe if you yell "Surprise!" :idea:
  20. i seriously think this was her commuter !
    She had a hardcore chrome like helmet with wings on it . . .like the roof antennae of new BMW cars.

    I know where in Nth Syd she parks anyway (bet ya Panthus thinks I used my lunch break to stalk her !! hahahaha). . . . i'll just leave a note on the scooter with your mobile number Campbell :LOL: and say you were the rude Duc rider and apologise for having the IPOD cranked up listening to 80s bogan rock ! hahahhaa !