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VIC A minority report

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. SMIDSY - A minority report

    (Q) How many motorcyclists does it take to change a light bulb?
    (A) Heaps. But it takes a group of lawyers to switch it on!

    ...and that's what we have in the form of Maurice Blackburn, somebody who can organise motorcyclists to change a light bulb and then show them where the switch is. Well not so much a switch as the lever. My ears pricked up when the discussion turned towards what we all know, it's the system that's faulty.
    Let me draw you a picture...

    MUARC-TAC-VICROADS-VICPOL---> ](*,) <--- Motorcyclists

    That little old stonewall there is the Government, and it doesn't matter which Government as long as the bureaucrats are the ones stonewalling us. By that i mean manipulating the Government against us.

    Why would they do that? Self preservation, self importance and an elevated sense of self worth. It’s not about us so much us as it’s about them. Do these instrumentalities give a shit about what you think? Do they care whether you can provide solutions? Not a chance…….well ok one chance, if they can gleam anything from us that suits themselves.

    We’re talking about a grouping of bureaucrats that are suffering from being the big fish in a small pond……that being Victoria. A tiny little insignificant backwater part of the globe where they believe they’re world leaders in road safety. I mean come on please, I want what they’re having. The runs are on the board for the world to see, they’re failing at their self-declared grandiose claims to hold the solutions. The road toll is the score board. It hasn’t budged and it doesn’t lie unless the score keeper tampers with it.

    Then along comes a ‘parliamentary inquiry' into ‘motorcycle safety’. On the surface that reads as ‘how to make motorcycling safer’, but is it really? Is it just another opportunity to put forward the same good ideas that have been put forward before? The same ideas that will be rejected or ignored by the other team we’re playing against? Sure, we’ve changed the members on our team but have we changed the way we’re playing the game? We’re facing a big stone wall and if we’re not careful we’ll see it whitewashed before our very eyes.

    So if we can’t penetrate the stonewall who can? Well gee wiz I dunno, a parliamentary inquiry perhaps? Are motorcyclists sitting in front of the best opportunity they have to address the system that’s causing the problems, rather than addressing the symptoms? Words like unique are being thrown around as in we need a unique solution applied to motorcycling because we’re unique. I’d go one step further and say that motorcyclists are uniquely placed to provide a solution to road safety because we possess a unique insight.

    Right now we are uniquely placed under ‘parliamentary privilege’ to address the systemic cause of Victoria’s road safety problems. It’s not motorcyclists, it’s not drivers, not pedestrians nor cyclists, we’re just a product of our environment. We are the symptoms of a road ‘safety’ regime gone awry, the cause and the accountability lays at the feet of the ones who have created it. They are currently accountable to nobody except themselves. They are the score keepers, is it any wonder they keep declaring themselves winners.

    Vicpol, Vicroads and definitely the TAC are very quick to point out that the responsibility for road safety is on us, the road users. Yet they’re responsible for creating the road environment that’s dangerous in the first place, and then sending mixed messages about what the problem is. Listen to them long enough and it becomes apparent they either don’t know what the problem is or they want to shirk their responsibility for it. They cannot have it both ways. They’re the decision makers, and that makes them responsible. They either don’t know the problems they’ve caused or they wont take responsibility.

    This may be a parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle safety on the surface, but scratch the surface and it needs to be a parliamentary inquiry into road safety. When we’re talking about the scoreboard being tampered with, or the other team making up the rules as they go along, there’s just no way around it, it’s time to go to the referee.

    Motorcycling has never been safer in Victoria than it is today. That’s in real terms not in spin. Nearly double the number of riders and the bike toll has remained static over a ten year period. Shortest fucking parliamentary enquiry ever. In real terms not spin, motorcyclists are the safest road user group on the roads today so we maybe we have a clue after all. Do we possess a unique understanding of the road system, it’s dangers and the counter measures to neutralise them? We’re constantly and consistently being painted as risk takers in public now, when the truth is we’re risk managers and we’re very good at it. That clearly indicates we know a great deal about the risks and more importantly how to avoid them? Perhaps even reduce them for others? Take the issue of SMIDSY for example, we know how that works, but it affects all road users. Who knew?

    Is that what a parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle safety needs to discover for itself, that we are the safest road user group with a unique insight into road safety, and it’s us who hold the keys to making it safer for everybody? Dare I say it, does a further inquiry need to be made as to why the organisations who profess to have road safety as their priority, refuse to acknowledge riders in their road system, or the knowledge and understanding we possess about it?

    Can a parliamentary inquiry bring about the collapse of the proverbial stonewall we are all faced with? We can have all of the good ideas under the Victorian sun, but if they never make it over the wall they’re useless. And right now it doesn’t matter how high we pitch them up because they can just build a higher wall. It’s self serving and it’s self preservation for them, but to not attack the stonewall is self defeating for us. I wonder if a parliamentary inquiry into motorcycle safety can be levered to trigger an inquiry into road safety? I wonder how long we will have to wait for another inquiry to be announced? Because looking at what's come before us and looking at what's ahead of us, I don't think another one can come soon enough.


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  2. very interesting read and view between the lines..
  3. We need to start setting the agenda and not be constantly sidetracked by the bureaucracy and held strategically in a permanent defensive position.

    One battle at a time. Hopefully the SMIDSY battle will be the spark that ignites the fire in all of us.

    Believe it or not we were coming out on top during the last state election but what happened? We self destructed when the MRA moved out of politics. Did we fear success?

    We need to change and we need to back this SMIDSY campaign with everything we’ve got. We also need to be very loud during the inquiry.

    One win to lift us out of this rut and get us into a position where we can start to make demands is all we need.

    We are not weak and not only can we penetrate the wall but we can smash the living daylights out of it.
  4. You're a member of the IRG aren't you?
  5. Glad to see that you are beginning to understand what others have been fighting against for many years Chef.

    You have encapsulated it well=D&gt;

    Yes, MB have done a fantastic job in shepherding us together. I'm pessimistic that anything will change. But, at least there is a good team working together towards a worthy goal.
  6. I don't know what the IRG is but if it's fighting for us it's a good thing.
  7. What Sir Ride a Lot says is what people who aren't involved tend to say Chef. They haven't seen the effort being put in. Their thoughts are well intended, but because they haven't seen what you have seen, or been involved as you have been, they tend towards a level of skepticism. Best to ignore them. You know where you are headed - stay on that track.
  8. Not beginning John, ending. You may need to re-read what I said to see it.


    If you're pessimistic you need to bow out John, otherwise your pessimism will infect the morale of others. That's not good team work. And a good team working towards a worthy goal isn't nearly enough. Good intentions don't bring down walls, having love ins don't bring down walls, well focused targeted campaigns directed at weak points bring down walls.
  9. That speaks volumes Sir Right Alot. If you don't know the IRG or it's history then you're simply guessing the rest. A lot of your posts seem to be guess work.
  10. Don't forget Cheffie when I was saying motorcyclists were doing well and were the most advanced road users I was ridiculed.
  11. Indeed I don't. Remember when I said to you it's not what you say but how you say it that will determine if you're listened to? ;)
  12. You pillock:roll:
  13. My apologies for upsetting you smee.
  14. Educate yourself.

    Educate yourself.

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  16. Re: SMIDSY - A minority report

    Good post.

    I don't doubt you at all but do you have any stats to back that up? I'd like some ammo myself, and stats backing up that statement would be very powerful IMO.
  17. Re: SMIDSY - A minority report

    No I don't but the stat boys do. They're sprinkled throughout many political threads.

    The bottom line is motorcyclists have been the fastest growing road user group over the past decade nearly doubling, but has seen no significant increase in the bike toll. Each year remains at around the average for a ten year period.

    Last year? (maybe a couple) saw a spike in raw numbers which triggered a focus on us as being the reason the over all road toll jumped out of 'their' control. It was treated as being a trend when it was just an isolated spike and nothing more.

    The media pushed hard that riders were dying on the roads in greater numbers than ever before. The truth was far removed from the message, but the impression still lingers. Our ten year average remains static and we've doubled in numbers.

    The safetycrats want to take the glory for that, but we've been the target of their efforts for three or four years now (of which the spike is a part of) and nothing has changed. That indicates something else is the cause.

    Over the same ten year period the internet has proliferated and good motorcycling information is now at every riders finger tips. Riders have always educated themselves and each other as a part of our heritage and culture. We know that riders will only listen to other riders about our safety. I think the win goes to us. I think the ref needs to do a score check.
  18. Re: SMIDSY - A minority report


    I mean, I always hear about things like people who have been riding for years and not knowing what countersteering is, yet I knew about it before I even had my licence because of the internet. And things like the saturday morning practices are invaluable to new riders.

    I wonder who would win if you tallied up the amount crashes that Doug and Dave have prevented versus the number the TAC and Vicroads have. I know who I'd put my money on.
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  19. It aseems that the committee are also actively seeking out motorcycle viewpoints as well. I just heard from Dave Wright (Ulysses NRSC rep in WA and former MRA(WA) president). They are attending a conference Dave will be at and have asked to meet with him.

    They've also spoken to Shaun Lennard (Australian Motorcycle Council Chair0 and requested that Shaun put in a submission.

    The timing of Mondays meeting was just right as I've sent on to Dave and Shaun the outcomes and priorities and they will be able to reinforce what came out of the meeting.

  20. You didn't upset me but you saddened me by this idiotic statement you made about the mra. There are things in process that you know nothing about, and you having been a regular to these forums should have been up to date with things.
    Try having a quiet chat to people in private rather than make stupid statements.
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