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A minor SMIDSY Cop: "You should get a Helmet Cam"

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Al_Cam, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Was going in to a roundabout intending to go straight ahead, car coming from left didn’t even slow down. Emergency braked but lost front end at last moment. Small slide, missed car by inches. Driver said “I really didn’t see you”.


    - I should have been traveling more slowly.
    - I should have been concentrating and reacted sooner.
    - I failed the emergency stop.

    Looking at that list I need to be a better rider.

    On the plus side – Not hurt. Chips out of back of helmet - probably hit round-about. Right glove bit torn but not all the way through. Interestingly worst on inside of right thumb but soreness in hand at all?

    Here’s the unfunny part. Went to police station no evidence, no witnesses – no charges. Desk person said likely Insurance will fail too. “You should get a Helmet Cam”. Then followed lengthy discussion on a current pending case re a fine for a helmet Camera mount. Police person was adamant that they are legal.

    Bike’s not too well, rode it home, but bent. Only worth $3,500 new so now fear an economic write-off. Hope I ticked the "Gear Coverage" box as will need new Helmet.
  2. Glad you are OK, The conflicting messages in helmet cams is interesting. It will be good to see what the county court appeal finds when it wends its way through the court. Hope you are not off the road too long, Tis the season to be riding Tral Lal La La La, La La La La :)
  3. I did consider going back to the station and asking for signed statement that Helmet Cameras were now legal...
  4. And I doubt you would get one. I don't know if there's any police who would sign statements saying what is and what isn't legal. The best you could do is get the guys name, hope that he's got some sort of authority (senior sgt or greater) and quote his name if you ever got pulled up for one. Even then it'd be a long shot...

    We really need the government to clarify in the same way they have with filtering...
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  5. Two chances of getting that statement...
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  6. Glad you're alright mate. Drivers really are blind to us fairly often.
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    Camera doesn't have to be on a helmet. I have a naked bike and a handlebar mount works
    Handlebar Mount
    I've also seen shoulder mounts and one enterprising rider who attached the mount to the shoulder of his jacket. Seen the suggestion they be attached to the top of the lights. Or they could be stuck to a fairing.
    A bit more fiddly as you have to detach them seperately but its legal that way.

    You can also hard wire them in. Think one is called Roadhawk Ride.
  8. Glad you're ok, if you slid the front out you may want to consider ABS if you do have to get another bike. While there is active debate about whether its a good thing or not (as you may not learn to brake "properly" if you have ABS), I would think that it is more likely to keep you upright when you do grab a handful in an emergency.

    Good luck with the insurance.
  9. Thanks everybody. And I went to a do last night and only wore non--Kevlar jeans.

    Stupid thing is I've had plenty of cars not giving way at that roundabout and it's one I usually slow to first for. Slacked off & got dreamy.

    A bike with ABS is definitely on the shopping list. I had a very short distance to stop in and no time to think so the emergency stop technique is obviously not hard wired in my brain. Good thing I wasn't going fast or It'd have been him hitting me and presumably dead at the speed he was going rather than me avoiding hitting him. ABS & Camera have bumped the pro-oiler off the shopping list.

    Handlebars point about 20 degrees to the right while riding straight which is not a good sign.

    Should stop putting off lodging that insurance claim.
  10. if you got the driver's details then try to claim on their insurance
  11. Who u insured with? I was with Nrma and they automatically covered my riding gear. So after I got cleaned up I ended up cleaning up
  12. Get the cam, then go back to the station and film him telling you that you should get a helmet cam!!!
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  13. Hope you are okay- esp since you have some chips out of your helmet- you must have hit your head reasonably hard :( No headaches?? Blurry vision?? Really can't stay awake??? please go see a doc.
    Yep the old didn't see you- a real worry IMHO but never will change.

    You sure you didn't image the conversation re the head cam-you did hit your head after all... ;) Can't imagine that you will ever get the good officer to repeat it or write it down.
  14. I gather you don't have no fault comprehensive? Never mind. Take the bike to a shop and get bike looked at .. the damage may only be minor ie bent handlebar and cheap to fix ... if it's not an expensive bike then don't worry about scratches ... that's just cosmetic crap.

    Roadcraft wise ... you can't rely on other drivers seeing you ... always be ready to stop. it's a lesson in hazard detection I guess. Glad you weren't hurt.
  15. OldmaidOldmaid happened at 6:40 a.m.been working all day at the computer and no issues. Well I am peed off, but apart from that. I've got a small Chiari Malformation so I'm well versed with head-spin Balance, Migraine &c... Actually surprised nothing's even sore. Thanks for advice though.

    FractalzFractalz Actually I do have faultless comprehensive & just checked "Helmet Cover" Yay! As I was riding to the Police Station & it looked like the top triple clamp wasn't lined up with the center line of the wheel, but I wasn't looking too closely while riding, but I don't imagine Yamaha puts very strong bars on a $3,500 150cc bike. And the poor little blue fanger has enough scuffs already that it's no shine & show queen.

    Yes road craft. I'm pretty annoyed with myself. Avoidable if I was quick & sharp. Back at the start of winter I had some old bloke at the same roundabout, coming from the same direction obviously not seeing me - 2 days in a row,3rd day he saw me, slowed but then plowed on through and on the 4th day he stopped. But there's poor vision to the left and usually I'm in 1st and lightly riding the brakes looking for someone from that way. Not this morning.
  16. Actually I posted just to have a vent. Didn't think anyone would respond.

    Nods to you all.
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  17. That made me chuckle Al - glad you're okay Mate.

    I'll withdraw my response now.
  18. Glad ur ok :) hopefully you have better news with the insurance
  19. Glad you're OK and you've given yourself some things to work on. These things are never really the rider's "fault" but there are often those extra little precautions you can take, which you've identified.

    I'm often having these kinds of near misses on my bike... and the stupid thing is that because the car wasn't directly involved, it's hard to prove they're at fault. As in, if there was contact, it would be more clear cut.

    The helmet cam thing is an ongoing grey area, but the police are fining people for it, so best mount it to your bike or you can get straps to mount it to your chest or jacket.
  20. "A bike with ABS is definitely on the shopping list."
    A. take it as an early warning sign & DO something about it (advanced rider training when the need arises or regular refreshers)
    B: good your in one piece & it's just the ego that's damaged
    C: ABS systems were designed for 4 wheels on the tarmac not 1 plus a rear wheel that may give you another 25% of contact patch if you set the bike up properly. Learn how to brake the right way, religiously practice & employ the science & you'll never regret it. (I'm living proof)
    We've had a permanently ABS enabled bike (not switchable) where the system failed miserably very soon after a full service & the bypass valve also failed ! Will never trust one, (on a bike), again in my lifetime.