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A Milestone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PatB, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Well, after owning it for 3.5 years, the DR650 just ticked over the 50,000 km mark this morning.

    Given its utterly trouble free status so far (bolts rattling loose don't count on a big single :D) I'm reasonably confident of seeing at least 100,000 before it needs to retire from everyday commuting duties. Based on current usage, that's about 2 years away.

  2. Nice, and it is good to hear that after that much distance, the enjoyment and plan to keep the bike is still there.
  3. I'm in trouble then, just done 10000 in four and a half months on the Strom!
    Well done though Pat

  4. Nice one Pat, good to see it's getting some good use and not stuck in a garage.
  5. Absolutely!

    Incidentally, what's the mileage tally on the Ural, Pat?
  6. Certainly no regrets about buying it. The main reason for keeping it long term, though, is because there isn't much else out there that will do what it does, for as little cost as it costs, at an equivalent price. I regularly lust after other bikes, but, realistically, none of them suit my current needs as well as the DR does. If I can afford to indulge myself when the DR dies, I will, but, if not, I'll just buy another and ride that one until it dies too. As a piece of functional engineering I really can't fault it.

    I wouldn't sweat too much. The Strom, with it's water cooled V-twin should last significantly longer enginewise than an air cooled single that gets thrashed quite a bit in a hot climate.

    My engine life expectation is based on a post on, IIRC, ADVRider, from a bloke who reckoned he'd worn out the top end of his in 45,000 miles. That seems low, but, working on that basis, if I get the same out of mine (roughly 75,000 kms) it'll have cost me 10c a km in depreciation. I can live with that. If it lasts longer, I'll regard it as a bonus.

    Not much chance of that. After all, it lives in the open :D. Which makes it all the more impressive that it started first push of the button following 3 months enforced lay up at one point while I was working FIFO.

    Embarrassingly low. It hasn't seen 15,000 yet. Not due to issues with the bike, just lack of opportunity to use it properly by either MrsB or me. I'm looking at starting to take it to work one day a week, just to give it some decent exercise. We have, however, recently accquired a lively young doberman cross who likes to get his ears flapping in the breeze so we might be using it as a doggy entertainment module soon :D.
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  7. It doesn't seem like 3.5 years. I'm getting misty eyed. Great bike there Pat - go the big singles! I've done a little riding on QuarterWit's DR, and hidden behind the ugly dirt bike look of the stock bike is a wonderful motorcycle.

    When the top needs refreshing, isn't that a chance for a 790cc kit (or something approaching 900, I believe, is now available)?
  8. Well, there is that, yes :twisted:.
  9. I think you owe it to all that's decent to do such a thing.
  10. I'd quite like to use the engine in a special. A Rickman frame would be nice, but something like an RGV250 or RS125 chassis, whilst not exactly classic, is probably more realistic in terms of cost and availability.
  11. The gearbox is the weak point in the Dr so putting a 730 on it would be problematic
  12. Allegedly, it's not applicable to all years. Mine neither whines in 3rd nor shows any other sign of impending failure or weakness, so I might have been lucky.