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A Mercedes, two bicycles, a pedestrian and a taxi.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Ok, like most of us there's always at least one idiot we come across on the daily commute - but in the past couple of days they seem to be proliferating like flies on a dung heap.

    For the past week I've had the loan of a scooter (Sym Citycom 300i) which I borrowed to do the VACC scooter rally and it's been pretty good - write up to come. Drivers generally seem to be a little less aggro about scooters filtering and doing the usual commute and normally give me plenty of space - I do find the regular bunch of commuters on sports bikes steadfastly ignore me but I get a nod from the scooter riders. :)

    Yesterday on Royal Parade going home I did the usual filter up the left of the line of the inside lane past the line of stationary traffic and propped up next to and slightly in front of a Mercedes at the lights. Older chap (probably about my age) driving it. Looking in the mirror I saw him looking at me oddly so I was aware that something was going to happen. The lights changed and I took off quickly, easy to do with the torque from a 300 single and CVT - it's kept up with a lot larger bikes up to 60km/hr.

    Anyway, I hear a great squeal of tyres and look in the mirror and here's the Merc squealing his tyres and laying rubber behind me. Takes off past me in a cloud of rubber smoke and noise deliberately missing me by less than half a metre. FFS - I'm on a scooter! What kudos is there in dragging me off. Anyway, 200 metres down the road I filter past him and another 20 cars and head on home.

    This morning - heading up Little Lonsdale Street between Elizabeth and Swanston there's a van stopped in front of me. I indicate and carefully pull out to his right and I almost collide with a pair of bicycles heading at speed the wrong way down the one-way street - and I do mean speed, they are going absolutely full tilt down hill. If I hadn't been careful and pulled out carefully (because I know there's often morons doing this - but not usually this fast) I would have hit both of them.

    So I get to the lights on Swanston Street, they change and as I'm half way across one of Harold Scruby's moron pedestrians steps straight off the kerb against the red a few metres in front of me. I swerve around him and give him an earful of abuse (I don't know if he heard me but it made me feel better).

    Then finally I'm almost at work, I put my indicator on to turn left with plenty of warning (I know there's a taxi behind me). As I start to turn, taxi tries to overtake and turn left on the inside as I'm turning. I avoided him and he braked. I can't be stuffed getting angry so I just shake my finger at him and point to my flashing LH indicator. Fortunately I can't hear what he's saying but it certainly wasn't an apology! :censored:

    At that point I do get a bit pissed off so I pull up, put the side stand down and get off - he takes off very quickly, bypasses the cab rank he was obviously making for and keeps going. Surprisingly he was an older Australian bloke, in a newish Fairlane, not the usual blind student in a clapped out piece of crap Falcon.

    I can't help wondering if I'd been on the Beemer whether all this would have happened. The bicycles would have, but the rest of it maybe not! I seem to get fewer deliberate hassles on a scooter but more general stupidity.
  2. Just curious Tony, were you dressed in typical scooter gear ie. mini shirt, stillettos and pink helmet. If so this may have caused the incidents you encounted.
  3. ...sorry!!.. but that IS funny!!

  4. Sounds like normal commuting to me?
  5. :rofl: Priceless rod!
  6. My personal experience has been, the larger and meaner looking the bike the less hassles you get in traffic. Or maybe I'm just more experienced now and know how to avoid it? Either way I'm not prepared to ride a scooter for a week to find out ;)

  7. Sorry to disappoint you but I don't do Vic impressions...:cheeky:
  8. And the barman says, "Why the long face?"

    Also, good job Rod. XD
  9. Scooters are fun. Ride one and see how people think they can drag you off the line or intimidate you like they can the vast hordes of smaller scooters. Except you ride the thing like a bike and leave them behind. And there's plenty of storage for your shoes, make-up and handbag too.
  10. Cejay, don't get me wrong I'm not bagging scooter riders or even scooters. Simply saying that unless I'm physically unable to ride something else then you won't see me on one.