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A meeting of two V-twins

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by alexanderino, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. This is neither a 'near miss', nor really a vent. Happened last Tuesday on the way back from work.

    Pay attention to the annotations, as they tell the tale. Best viewed in 720p. Enjoy.

    Here is the CSI version. Clues are present in my left mirror:
  2. Ouch! Hope you and the bike are OK mate :(
  3. blooody hell
  4. wow the bitumen looks realy rough up close what did the other rider have too say for himself?
  5. Thanks. Wish I could say that.

    She said she's a driving instructor.

  6. I'm guessing " Sorry Mate, I Didn't See you"


    Hope you're ok mate, it's shit enough out there without bikes running into other bikes :(
  7. hope you're ok , so in THAT situation, who's at fault? Might sound like a stupid question, but I thought I'd ask. and good thing your cam was on!!
  8. Unless your rear indicator was not working, that was poor form from old mate behind. No head check from you when turning left in front of the bus, but not sure that would have helped much though.

    I have hit the bitumen a few times over the years, and that video gave me shivers down my spine.
  9. i was thinking same
  10. maybe she should give herself a few lessons anyway now for the real question WAS SHE HOT?
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  11. Jesss,I dont know what else you could have done,why was there zero space left by her.There must have been a tiny gap to aim at
  12. That's nice. Had she ever ridden before?
  13. My left arm is in a plaster cast; my right arm in a sling; an intermittent piercing pain in my chest [doc says it's a torn muscle]; and my right knee is all wobbly and swollen, but wrapped up.

    She's at fault, as she was clearly not prepared to stop. Also, you can see her bike's shadow accelerating in my left mirror [second video].

    My rear left indicator was activated when I was halfway past the bus. It was blinking even after the crash.

    As for the bus, a quick visual check [while passing it] ensured that nothing was in front of it [check annotations]. No point in doing a head while in the turn [which is when I turned left in front of it -- I did not enter the left lane at all].

    The noise of metal on bitumen is stomach-churning.
  14. Oh what a bastard! Would love to be a fly on the wall when she has to explain why she couldn’t make it to work that day…
  15. sounds farkin painful!! make sure your lost wages are covered for!! she's at fault and you cant work, why waste leave when not your fault!!
  16. I hate that stretch of road, it used to be on my old commute. Had a few hairy moments there when i first got on the bike again after my suspension. That bus stop is a ****ing pain in the ass, and the surface further down that road is just appalling - for those of you that know it, i used to ride my friggin pushie over that shit every day!

    There is no way you could have seen that coming. Hope you and the bike recover well, and the hd video was very nice. Lots of witnesses too - did they have anything to say?
  17. Thanks, gregb.

    Workers' comp is organised.

    They were helpful, considerate and gently hauled me over to the footpath. The ambulance and police arrived a few minutes later.

    To her credit, the motorcyclist has admitted fault to me, the cops and her insurer.
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  18. glad to hear 'no fuss' incident on that side of things, accidents are the biggest pains in the arse due to 'time taken out of your normal life'
  19. Heal up soon mate. What a shit