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A mate's bad crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by VladTepes, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. I don't think he'd mind me posting the link - after all it is out there on the interweb for all to see.

    Now this goes back a long time, but I post it because:

    1) It's interesting
    2) People shoudl be aware of the dangers inherent in life.

    Mick's still kicking long after he had been expected to.
    He's a hard S.O.B (or at least he'd have you beleive) but has a heart of gold. don't tell him i said so, though.


    The full tale:


  2. That story's a bit special mate. Give my regards to Mick.
  3. Why did the truck driver change his story?
  4. Mick comes across as a real bloke, a man's man. Thanks for sharing (y)
  5. Good read. It sucks that the truckie changed his story but his still able to write the story so that's the main thing.
  6. It's one thing to back up a guy to stop him being found liable.
    It's another to try and take on the RTA.
    Chances are that the RTA lawyers would have started asking questions about the driver's conduct himself.
  7. Obviously a fighter, taking it all in his stride. Nothing but admiration from me...
    Bastard truck driver. I reckon the RTA paid him off or blackmailed him in to change his story, and create one so they could avoid having to pay anything.!
  8. Interesting read; amazing how resilient some people are, even if the RTA didn't get what was coming to them, he is still an obviously stronger person for his experience.
  9. Quite an insightful read. He said even his mate reckons he was toast, put out the fire before even checking!

    Worth showing to some people I know, who have repeatedly failed to understand how dangerous potholes can be (even after being "fixed").
  10. Yeah, sounds like he was made an offer he couldn't refuse: either the motorcyclist was travelling too fast, or you (the truck driver) were travelling too fast, your choice.

    What a wonderful fvcking world. :(
  11. Mmm... i think id try and put out the fire first too, big truck full of flammable stuff... that is a huge immediate risk which if it blew up... well, everyones dead :p.

    Reads good, shame RTA didnt get what they deserved, if only to cover some medical and ongoing costs.
  12. Fark!
    Give my regards.
  13. First rule of any rescue... DANGER. No use working on somebody if the whole area is goes boom!
  14. Yep, DRABCD...
    Was kinda referring to hackavatar's comment ;).
  15. Couldnt you get the truck driver for perjury,

    Two different storys in two different courts,

    He was lying in one of them,
  16. Thanks. I thought you'd find his story interesting.
  17. Holy. Crap.

    Amazing survival with that injury list.
  18. Hmph. Don't mind me people