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a mate of mine has just put a deposit on a bike at sumoto!!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Coconuts, May 1, 2006.

  1. OH NOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    okay, so i've told him that he's farked up and how much better he can do for his money elsewhere and i've now made him feel terrible about his decision (its tuff being the bearer of bad news). i didn't give him any of the horror stories yet, but i did let him know they exist :?


    can he get his deposit back? if so, what do i get him to say to do this?

    if not, are there any repercussions for just not buying the bike? i assume not but its best to ask i guess...

    i'm trying to set things right, i've told him i'll help him out in finding a decent buy and everything else that goes with it. funny thing is, he knew i would have done this anyways but i guess he just didn't want to hassle me :?

    any help is appreciated peoples :grin:

    and how the hell can a place survive when they're charging $6600 for a CBR250R??? thats a steep price for a RR :LOL: :LOL:
  2. my single "R" was nearly 6k

    but i dont mind its worth it it had low k's and ill be able to flog it for 4 or 5 so its not to bad realy

    2 grand for a year of transport and fun

    then a better farster bike :)

    well i hope every thing go's well for your mate
  3. did he sign the contract of sale ? I'd say he'll lose his deposit if he backs out now. He should definitely call Fair Trading and get their advice.

    From what I've heard, not EVERY bike Sumoto sell are absolute rubbish, it's probably more like that a lot of what they sell are dressed up to look like something they are not. It doesn't mean they're all lemons etc.

    If he goes ahead, he would be very well placed to have it independantly inspected with a full written report. If there are problems, he can go back to Sumoto and ask that they fix them, which they wont. Then he could go to Fair Trading and get some more advice. I have no idea what this may be however.

    At the end of the day he could get the bike to a good mechanic who could do whatever work on the bike he might need doing.

    Again, not all the bikes that come out of there are garbage, they're more likely to be much older with many many more Km's on them than Sumoto will admit to.

    If he gets the bike, and he's not happy with it, he can always sell it on the private market. He will have learned a lesson though.

    Good Luck to him :)
  4. i seem to remember seeing the words "this contract becomes legally binding upon acceptance by the dealer" or words to that effect.

    If the dealer breaches any conditions they have to refund the deposit but i assume if the buyer breaches his obligations (ie not following through with the deal) then they would miss out on the deposit.
  5. Well I did buy a 2nd hand Sumoto bike at one stage. The previous owner brought it from Sumoto for $7250 (ZX2R) and only put another 1000km's before selling it on to me. I paid $5000 for it and so far it's been problem free. It’s all about buying at the right time, as I think the previous owner was in financial difficulties because he was selling his 2 cars, bike and home.

    So I think it's a little pot luck when buying from Sumoto or as some say, Crapmoto.
  6. Sumoto! noooooooooooo :shock:

    Given it will most likely be a complianced model, they are probably flogging it as a 2005 cbr or something. If it doesn't say 'complianced' on the contract for sale, he could try and claim the contract is misleading and therefore void. Also the km's may not be reported correctly, that could be a point of argument.

    If not just buy it and learn the lesson I guess.
  7. Might still be worth trying to ask for the deposit back - you never know. Tell them your grandma is sick or something and you need the money...

    If he is stuck with it, given your mate may be playing the lucky dip in parts, id agree with the inspection suggestion - ive seen a sumoto bike with 6k on the odo, yet the brake disks were extremely worn (my non professional estimate was "not roadworthy"). Not the sort of thing you want to fail while on the road! Check the inside of the fairings too - plastic weld and a paint job can hide all sorts of things.
  8. If everyone did proper research, they should know about the dodgy wording of Sumoto's ads. People still buy from Sumoto knowing that it isn’t a 2005 model, but really a 1991.
  9. well i've explained to him that he can get an RR with similar kays RWC and reg for under $5k so he knows he's better off losing his $300 than losing more by going through with the deal. i'll look into the whole complianced/manufactured date thing, there might be a way out there.

    i know not all bikes from sumoto are garbage, however ALL bikes from sumoto are rip offs. i dont like seeing people getting shafted at the best of times, but i especially hate it when its a good mate of many years :?

    thanks so far :wink:
  10. and yeah, IF he does go through with it, i'll definately be getting it gone over, the shit i saw on another sumoto bike would make the dodgiest dealers cringe :LOL: they wont get away with anything on this sale....
  11. Did well, I'll say! It would certainly be handy to have the previous owner there to spill his and the bikes history for you. Much better than taking the word of a salesman but not often easy to organise. :wink:
  12. Where are Sumoto?
    Most states have cooling-off periods of one to three days. Some, like NSW only offer a cooling off period for vehicles financed through- or by- the dealer.
  13. Ive got a feeling when signing the contract with Sumoto it waver's your cooling off period... (Dont quote me on that)
  14. live and learn.. i hope what ever happens hope it all works out for him..
  15. can he cancle the sale and use the deposit to buy gear instead? or store credit? work something out... im sure no one has the right to just take 300 bucks from people. Lets hope the guys at sumoto are human.
  16. my understanding is there is a 3 day cooling off period for buying used vehicles from a dealer then tough titties.
  17. Re: a mate of mine has just put a deposit on a bike at sumot

    can't shed any light on his legal situation but i can say that when i was looking around on-line for a Hornet600 recently all i could find was a batch of Hornet250s from Sumoto all priced around $6,000 :shock: i was horrified. i'm with you - can't imagine anyone paying that for a 250 and am forever amazed they're still in business.
  18. During the cooling off period you can't actually take ownership of the vehicle - signing a waiver however will allow you to take the vehicle straight away (and is fairly common). If you're not taking the vehicle straight away and they ask you to sign a cooling-off period waiver - DON'T.
  19. Just go in and use a bit of muscle i reckon :grin:

    If that dont work, let em keep the deposit then come back later and torch the joint :twisted: :roll: Oh and remember to frame them for the job so they dont get an insurance payout.

    The best part of this plan is that your also doing everyone a favour :)
  20. My bikes a sumoto bike.. Didnt know about netrider till after i had paid for it.

    Definately wouldnt have purchased a bike from there had i known there reputation, however i have a friend who knows one of the guys at sumoto and put me onto him when i was looking for a bike.

    Im happy with my bike, it feels good, looks great (they didnt re-spray the whole thing, but did tidy up a few parts) and i didnt pay through the nose for it.

    All in all, im happy with my purchase ($5600 got the Bike, AGV lid, Nex lid, AGV Sport gloves, 12 month reg, stamp duty, new tyres, new chain, new sprockets.), but still would not recomend them based on the stories i have since heard.

    I havent actually spoken to anyone who had a junker yet. just heard the stories.