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A mate for the 14 !!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Blue14, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. A mate for the 14 - Now with pics !!

    Went window shopping last week at a Suzuki Dealer. Was just tyre kicking when the salesman noticed me looking at the C50 Boulevard. Out of curiosity asked the price and proceeded to just wander about. He then says what about this pointing at the black M109R on the floor. I said nah dont want to spend that much. Its and 07 model he says with 8k on the clock. I start to pay more attention as he says to me he can do it for a very nice price. So to cut a long story short, the M109R will be coming home next week to fill up some garage space. :demon:


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  2. So what's that, 3,200 ccs between two bikes? Man, that's a powerful garage :LOL:.
  3. Never thought of it that way. !! But that sounds pretty impressive though.
  4. Makes one 600cc seem pretty puny :LOL:......
  5. nice mate!

    i like to look of both of them :)
  6. I love it!!! Well done that man! Long live impulse buying!
  7. last week we had 4 bikes... that didnt even equal half the cc's of your 2.... bastard.
  8. Ohhh Bouly! If you need somebody to ride it home for you (the long way) just let me know... you have my number :)
  9. Will do mate.. :)
  10. I'm not jealous (really I'm not).

    But I do begrudge you the garage space. :wink:
  11. I thought we was goin nekkid? :bolt:


    Too hot to go cuzin now. Oh by the way

  12. Bit of a step up from those silly scooter days hey buddy!
  13. So when's the wedding?=D>
  14. Hmmm was hoping to get the bike yesterday.. Tyre hasn't come in yet, supposed to be tuesday for the tyre, then they have to do RWC and hopefully if all goes well get it next friday..
  15. Well, now that youv'e got it.............
  16. I do like the Boulevards. When I get sick of sore back/wrists and twitchy throttles I want one.

    Won't happen for a while though...