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A mans best friend. Loyal to the end.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Saw this pic tonight and just thought id share it. Sorry if it offends anyone. I love dogs. :) I remember my dog Jake when I was young, whenever someone would play fight with me (mates or family friends) no matter what he was doing, he would come running and attack to protect me. Wouldnt back off till i told him to. Lots to be said for loyalty!


    [MOD] pic changed to link, may be disturbing to some.

  2. Thats just so sad/cute/honest/best friendish/eternal.......

    Love my Staffy, they make for brilliant mates
  3. at first i laughed cause i thought the dog was protecting the car

    then i realized it was his owner, and a cop car

    :oops: :cry: :(

    matey, there is a lot to be said regarding loyalty, i hope you dont mind this tale

    when a guy raped and bashed a woman, leaving her for dead, his dog chose to stay with the woman rather than respond to the owners comands

    the dog was given to the RSPCA who found a home very quickly as you would imagine

    cheers :cool:
  4. How sad, poor bugger. (the dog i mean, well the dead guy too i guess)
  5. Stupid mutt.

    Probably just wondering about who's going to feed him next.
  6. you obviously haven't had the pleasure of a 'best mate'
  7. Well i see your netrider name is really relavent :? Quarter wit
  8. Awww :(

    That's so sad and adorable at the same time. I wish I grew up with a pup, can't wait to get one when we move into a house.
  9. I watched my boy being born, then had to tube feed him for his first week of life. I am his second mum :grin: if I'm not on the bike, he is right by my side. Sad day for us yesterday, his doggy mum passed away(15yrs old), so no more pups for us now, breeding days are over with no biatch.
  10. Yeah, it only cost him $120 an hour!
  11. Those pictures speak volumes ....

    Am still a bit numb here .. I had to have my 14yo Staffy put down on Cup Day, (Tues) .. :cry: :cry: She suddenly started having violent fits/seizures.

    Miss ya heaps mate .. we had 9 good years together .. RIP Jessie-dawg ....
  12. Staffys are the best mines 13 and still acts like a 7 year old.Besides being mostly blind hes survived the big C it will be a really sad day when he gives it up :cry:
  13. poor bloody mutt, i hope to hell someone has taken care of him since. i love my border collie. as much as i wish i could keep him with me, i know he is better off on my mums property up near hannam vale than stuck in my appartment with me working/studying 70 hours a week.
  14. dogs are truly man's best friends
    my dog that i had for 13 years died from a heart attack a few weeks ago-
    the saddest part is that he was in malaysia with my dad :(
    unlike cats, their loyalty is eternal!
  15. Thats enough to make me cry. The poor dog that is, not the guy under the sheet.

    Poor pup.
  16. That is a sad pic. :(
  17. mate, ive seen MUCH sadder

    there's an environmentalist group who are trying to save gum trees. apparently there an't much left and each koala family is spread out over kilometres instead of a few trees away due to lack o food.

    anywho, this photo they have leading their campaign is a koala sitting up high on a sole telegraph pole with no trees in sight. the look on the koala's face brings tears to your eyes. it's a sight you really got to recover from

    cheers :cool:
  18. I started getting a bit teary and I thought I was hormonal, but then I realised the guys are feeling the same too :p

    I love dogs, grew up with them around. They're the most loyal friends, unconditional love.


  19. Wish I could say the same about women, but I cant.