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A man in a van

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by kravits, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Thought I would go for a ride today, being a nice sunny day which is rare at the moment. Went for a quick cruise around my neighbourhood and was on my way home.

    I was on Burwood Hwy in the left of a 4 lane rd with one lane for turning right, the left you can either go straight or turn left. I was wanting to go straight but the lanes to the right were so far backed up I figured the left would move faster.

    Unfortunately that was not the case as I sit behind an RACV van while traffic on the right slowly goes by. The van then starts reversing. My thought process was as follows:

    1. Reverse lights. wtf?
    2. Oh **** i better do something
    3. Escape options? cant go left/right around it or backwards
    4. Oh yeah the horn, oh too late

    So down goes my bike. I get straight up and knock on his window, I think it is only now he sees me. After some wtf comments he is nice and gives details.

    There was a car in front of him with hazards on who was blocking access to turn left, he was clearly trying to go around. Infact while he was giving me details, the girl in the broken car came up and asked him to fix her car lol.

    I am now debating whether or not to go through insurance for this. I'm leaning towards going through insurance but there is minimal damage (some scrapes on fairings and pegs) but there was some damage already there on the other side of the nose, anyone know how they deal with existing damage?
  2. There was no existing damage
  3. ^^ What he said....

    Perhaps next time he will check his mirrors.. Next time the rider may not be so lucky
  4. Damage? It was new, right? Yeah, always give traps a fair berth so you can go round if you have to!
  5. From what I read of your story there was no existing damage. It was all scraped and bashed up because of what happened. Anyone else see it this way?
  6. Yep no previous damage as far as I can see mate, My 2 cents, always travel further away from the person in front of you.

    Hindsight says that you should have been reading the road ahead of you. Where were you positioned? Maybe a little too close and in the centre of the lane? Always, always have an escape.

    Good luck with it.
  7. Go through insurance, make them pay. Few scrapes is a bloody expensive job in Australia.

    Whereas if you go via China the fairings will be flimsy, thinner, the paint is fragile but overall 1/3rd of the cost.
  8. I had a similar thing happen to me though it was my mate in his car and we were pulling into a carpark.. :(
    Oh and there never was damage to your bike before this incident... :D
  9. What damage?
  10. Gee that's lucky mate...
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  12. I agree with everyone else, from reading and studying all aspects of your detailed report I conclude that all damage (including the impact on my sex life) happened as a result of the van reversing into you.
  13. Yes. It is best to be thorough. :p
  14. I've seen a similar accident where a truck backed into a girl on a scooter and the scooter got wedged under the truck. The truck was going back nice and slow to, but the girl didn;t get off her bike until the last moment. Everyone on the side of the road was yelling for the driver to stop, but he was in his own lil world....kinda funny watching it from the footpath....does that make me a bad person ?

    I would get your insurance company to have a look at the bike. It's always nice to have a bike free of scratches when you try and sell it.