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A lovely weekend away including theft and a drop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TarmacSamurai, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. So Mrs Samurai and I went away for the weekend, to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We had a nice little romantic cottage in Brogo. All very lovely. However, on the way there we stopped in Bodalla for a coffee and a bite of lunch. When we came out of the cafe I discovered some scumbag had stolen my number plate (and the rego that was attached to it). What an outrage. I reported it straight away and then had to ride around for the rest of the weekend with no plate. I was very good though, and slowed down for every speed camera as if I still had a plate. :)

    Interestingly, not one patrol car noticed and stopped me - and we saw a few. Cost me $36 for a new plate at the RTA this morning.

    The other slightly annoying thing was that I dropped my bike for the first time in years. We took a ride up the Snowy Mountains Highway, through Bemboka, just for the sake of it. Up the twisties from Bemboka a ways the weather turned bad and it started to hail, so we decided to turn back. I pulled over, kicked it down into first and started the U-turn, very slowly and carefully. Then discovered that I'd kicked it into a false neutral. I had no go, was on a steep road and already in a steep turn and over we went. I desperately tried to hold it up, but my bike, with my wife on the back, is just too heavy (no jokes about wives and heaviness - it would probably be too heavy without a pillion too). I did manage to lay it down very gently though, at considerable cost to my biceps tendon which is bloody agony now. Still, I'll heal and the only damage was a slight stratch on one engine case. My wife just stepped off, unhurt. I leapt around, cursing and spitting at the pain in my arm for a few seconds, then we picked the bike up and rode down to the cheese museum at Bega.

    Strange weekend.
  2. What good is a numberplate to anyone if you report it straight away? Or they were just after the rego sticker and that was on too securely by itself...personalised plates?
  3. No, regular plate. I think they would have used the plate pretty much straight away. It takes a while for word to get around, maybe. Who knows? Losers.
  4. Look at it this way - loser got your number plate but you had a fantastic weekend with your wife and your bike (in that order) so you won after all. Good story - wish Mrs Fish was happy riding pillion so I could do similar weekends away.
  5. Sorry to hear she's not, mate. There's nothing me and the Mrs like better than taking the bike on a nice long cruise. Well, almost nothing!

    We're about due another bike trip. Our last jaunt around NSW and VIC was almost a year ago now.
  6. I feel your pain about the whole false neutral half way through a u-turn thing. :oops:
  7. $36 for a new plate :eek:
    Thats 3 times more than we pay down here($14.60)
  8. You sure it didn't just vibrate off?

    caught mine hanging by one bolt, now has loctight.

    Also watched a mates plate fall off bout 3 months ago, went from being held on by one bolt about 40mm long to being off in about 2 k's from finger tight.
    Sucks that you have to pay to replace it though.
  9. Caz,

    I'm 1/2 definate, 1/2 certain and 1/2 positive that your gender is arithmeticly challenged.
  10. Oh, it didn't vibrate off. Don't get me started on the Bodalla locals :evil:
  11. Yeah, definitely not a vibrate loss. You're familiar with the locals then Joel?

  12. righto, I should have said "almost" 3 times more.
  13. Heres a tip for next time,my plate is bolted on with one 6mm allen key bolt and one 4 mm allen key bolt.The chances of someone having both sizes on hand is remote.Especially the 4 mm :grin:
  14. ^^ good idea.
    If that happens to me, I might invest in some torx screws or similar.
  15. Good call, sir. I might have to employ that tactic when this new plate goes one.
  16. They may use the plate and sticker to flog a bike with no plate or rego to an unsuspecting buyer, or do some petrol runs, or who knows, im not them. Dont people know they put themselves at risk doing these things, if they dont know you, i got a wife and kid and look like a nice family man , but if i saw someone in the action of ripping something off my bike, they are fcuked
  17. You know, apart from the hassle and cost of replacing the plate and ringing the insurance company to update details and all that, the thing that bothers me the most is that it happened at all. I was about ten metres, or less, from teh bike the whole time. I could even just see the mirror poking up above the fence from where I was sitting. Yet still some scumbag managed to sidle in and make off with my plate. Man, I wish I'd seen him - some instant justice would have been meted out.
  18. In that situation Id be more annoyed at not catching the pr!ck than the actual loss itself, assuming he is smaller than me of course :).

    Silver lining - $36 and a few phone calls is cheaper than any speeding fine you may or may not have gotten ;)
  19. My point exactly. And size is no object.


    I never speed, sir, and I resent the implication that I might!