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A lot of scooters out there

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blocky, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. hi guys and ladies , Im looking for a scooter for my 16 year old daughter to ride to school every day ,its about 20 kms round trip, now Im not going to ask which one to buy ,Im going to ask which ones NOT to buy. I have about $2000 to spend.....::nopity:

  2. Get a small capacity bike, much safer.
  3. It's a 16 year old in WA - small scooter is all that's legal
  4. Oops, well sorry mate can't help you, I know next to nothing about scooters
  5. Not familiar with the licensing scheme over there.. Is it 50cc max? A 50 will struggle to do more than 60, a 125 will cruise fine at 80. So depends what you need.. Dont buy something with less power than needed :)

    In 125cc capacity you might be able find a piaggo fly 125/150 in your budget. Or sym vs125, kymco agility 125, etc.
  6. I'm looking at buying a ADLY GTA 50...for my daughter for school....restrictions here in WA make a 50 the only option...so does anyone have one of these scooters...are they any good...
  7. I've got one,they're shit.
    I cant use it till the enquirery is finished.
  8. I want. some clever replys ....give me real reasons
  9. also work on the spelling ....... thanks
  10. Aprilia SR50 Factory


    The older models were good for over $1 on the highway...
  11. You're wasting your breath, blabber is what he is - love him or hate him, he ain't changing...
  12. I'll fix my spelling when you get your grammar sorted.
  13. Bluefreak thats a coolish machine , i will check that bad boy out ...thanks bro
  14. Well done, brother ....stay on topic, we will get there in the end. Well we hope.
  15. is she hot ?
  16. honestly, theres no way i'd let a child go into the traffic on a 50cc scooter, that's just ludicrous.

    always wondered what Blabber rode, the cat is out of the bag and the man is out of the closet

  17. Was going to say the same thing.
  18. I don't think I'd put a 16 year old on a scooter/motorbike on public roads either. Why don't you get her a car?
  19. i wouldn't put a teenager on a scooter on public roads in NSW...i've been to Perth and the roads there are far better (wider, smoother) with less traffic than here in sydney.

    financial situation? parking availability? running costs of an old bomb vs a new scooter?

    back on topic, i've heard both Kymco and Aprilia are quite good for scooters, as are Vespa (my parents have owned a couple for years)
  20. Hey Blocky, I've only owned 150 and 200 cc vespa's so can't really comment too much on the 50cc's but a scooter would be an ideal from of transport for a student, safety concerns aside.

    I don't want to go over things that I'm sure you've already considered but so long as she can do most of her trip on suburban streets I don't think the limited capacity of the 50cc would cause too much of a problem. Also I'm not sure what the requirements are in WA but if its the case where you get your car licence and can then ride a 50cc I would seriously consider at least an hour or two of private tuition that can cover cornering, braking and bufferring. Would be well worth every cent.

    Can I suggest you have a look at this forum:


    Obviously a much more scooter based forum and bound to have a wealth of knowledge on a range of 50cc scoots.

    Best of luck