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a lot of k's?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I am trying to sell my 2003 VTR250 on ebay and a guy just messaged me saying he would purchase it for a certain price and that what i was offering was a lot for a bike with 27,500 k's on it

    Seeing as this is my first bike i am new to what is normal for a bike to do in k's.

    Is this a lot for an 03?

  2. No. He is scamming you. It represents an average of 600k's per year. Not much eh.
  3. Thanks for the reply.
  4. +1

    Sounds like they're a bike newbie and think that kms dictates the bikes condition.
  5. :shock: what would he say about my '98 Hornet with 103,000 kms? :shock: :LOL:.
  6. he would probably offer you $5.00 as it has obviously done waaay to many k's and is falling apart :p
  7. shhh, don't tell it, now, it actually thinks it's fine :rofl:.
  8. 40,000

    When I was shopping round for my VTR I was told that anything under 40,000km was still pretty good. The advice to me was that 40,000 on a bike is roughly equivalent to 80-100,000km in a car when trying to compare 'wear' factor.
  9. ummmm... i have 68000 kms on my VTR250 now and it hasn't missed a beat :) ... just make sure it's well maintained!
  10. You will always get people telling you what faults your bike has, even if they aren't true. It's what they do, tell you this, and this, and this is wrong with it to knock down the price so they can get it nice and cheap which is a problem if you don't know much about them. Best bet is to have someone with you that knows about bikes if u get get a prospective buyer having a look at it.
  11. The guy is right. Anything more than averaging 2000kms a year is a lot of k's, and any bike with more than 10,000kms on it is utterly worthless, and should be sold (to me) at a rock bottom price. Look, I'm so generous that I'm willing to give anyone $5K for their (undropped) Ducati 1098S if it has more then 10,000kms on it (but less than 15,000kms - I don't want to pay THAT much for complete junk y'know).
  12. yeah that is still rather low k's tell the guy to pull his head and that the price to him has gone up $2k
  13. :LOL: And since I'm just wanting to upgrade to my second bike, I'd be willing to put up with a bit more crap than that. I'll take your rejects, FLUX, if it's >15,000kms (and <20,000kms) I'll give you $5,500 for it!
  14. 2003, still represents a pretty current model.
    Under 50,000 kms should still go $6000 + depending on wear and appearance.
  15. i done 10k in the first year, 20k before second, so your bikes doing pretty good :wink:
  16. Snowball,
    Stick to you guns,
    6875 kms per year, is not huge,
    the guy is trying to get your bike cheap or has no clue,
    Was told by an insurance assessor 8,000 - 10,000 a year was average?
  17. 6000km a year? :shock:

    I'm doing that every two to three months atm :p currently have 33,500km and the bike isn't even two years old yet... :wink:
  18. I'll give you $500 for it.
  19. You'd be nearing the 10,000km mark on your 675 wouldn't you [FLUX]? I'll take it off your hands for a slab... :)
  20. It's got around 4200kms on it so far (in 7 weeks).

    Damn thing is almost due for retirement. It's practically a vintage bike now.